May 19, 2015

Tuesday - Muggy and rainy on and off

A good day.

I got up early-ish this morning but decided not to go out.  It looked like it might rain outside and I didn’t want to get wet.  I think it did rain a bit later so it was an okay call.

I was relaxing on the couch drinking tea and catching up with my TV programmes when F made a quick trip home.  He was nice to me!  I was really surprised.  Anyway, I was nice back, and it didn’t seem like he was angry anymore.  Hurray for that.  After he left, I decided to do a workout.   I did a longer one, the longest I’ve ever done to be honest.  It was a Dance/walk workout and it was a bit difficult.  I’m glad I did it, but right now I’m not quite there.  However, I decided that when I do work out, I could probably do two shorter workouts, rather than one long one.  

I had breakfast after my workout and a while later decided to take a shower too.  I needed it!

In the afternoon, I had lunch of leftover duck breast and gouda on cheese crackers.  Yum.  Very nice!

I scanned my cards and then biked them off to the post office.  For some reason, my Nike + Fuel app doesn’t seem to register my leg movements on my bicycle.  I wonder if I need to wear my iPhone lower on my leg? Hmm.  

I came home and after a while F called to say he was finished work.  I got the table pre-set and when he came home we had an interesting fusion dinner of takenoko soup courtesy of his mother (yum), leftover chicken fajitas and salad.  It was a really nice dinner and I enjoyed it.  I made tea to have with dinner as well.  

We had a fairly quiet but pleasant evening.  I let F have the TV until 10 for Criminal Minds.  I watched it and did up a square while I watched.  3 out of 5 done now.  Woot!  After Criminal Minds finished, I put on The Hudsucker Proxy.  It was on WOWOW tonight.  It was funny.  F was laughing at parts of it too.  

And that was it basically.  It turned into a rather nice day after all.  What will I get up to next? Come back and find out!  Until tomorrow….


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

My Fitbit doesn't register bike pedaling either. Which is a shame because I'll often spend all day biking and still not have a good step count. Oh well, at least I know I exercised (so does my couch at the end of a long biking day).

Helen said...

I wore a different pair of pants today, and it did register. I think my jeans keep my iPhone up too high, my other pants let the phone move around with my leg. I'm not sure it is registering as much as I think it should, but it helps!

Do you like your FitBit? I'm considering getting one, but just am not sure.

Thanks for visiting :-)

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

I really like my Fitbit. I don't take advantage of all the web features, but like that the device itself shows my steps, the time, distance walked, and calories burned. Every day I try to burn more calories than I eat and this is the first pedometer I've had that lets me check calories burned.
I also like the badges I earn for distance. It is simple but effective in getting me to move more.
I also like that I can put it in a pocket or clip it to my bra when I don't have pockets.
I do find uploading to be a nuisance, but that's just me and my old computer. A new computer shouldn't have any problems.

Helen said...

Thanks! I like the clipping idea as I don't always have pockets.

I may have to get one!

David LaSpina said...

I second the fitbit. I love mine. In addition to the fitness tracking, the single greatest feature to me is the silent alarm. It is worth the price for this feature alone. When I have to get up early I can now do so without disturbing my wife or our son. Awesome device. In a few product generations, I may consider replacing it with an Apple watch, when it's battery life improves beyond a day and the price drops drastically, but for now the fitbit is the way to go.

Helen said...

Thanks David! I had no idea about the silent alarm. I can see how that would come in handy.

I think I'll wait on the Apple watch for a while too!

Thanks for visiting today :-)