June 12, 2015

Friday - Sunny in the morning, rainy in the afternoon and evening.  Very humid.

A good day. 

I got up a few minutes early today, hurray for that.  I read my blog, had some tea and then did a couple of short workouts.  I didn’t have my usual breakfast, I ate my sandwich from Subway and it was fabulous!

In the morning & afternoon I did some laundry.  Some of my own stuff, and also many tea-towels.  I was a bit surprised when I found them all waiting to be washed.  Still, they are done now, and drying away.  

I scanned my cards to get them ready to go out and I also watched a movie I’d DVR’d, Safe Haven.  It wasn’t a great movie, but Josh Duhamel is rather hot.  It had a great director, Lasse Hallström, even if the material was beneath him.  

By the time I had my cards ready to mail, the rain had come up and it was wet out there.  I decided to ask F to take me to a mailbox on our way out.

I had a very late lunch, but it was good.  I used a lot of the leftovers in the fridge and made a pasta dish with them.  It was really nice.  

I was doing the dishes when F came home.  He wanted to leave soon for the Internet Cafe, so I got changed and we left.

We stayed at the Internet Cafe for a bit over 3 hours.  I watched some programs on the channel that we don’t get at home and finally got to see some of Gotham.  I liked it, but fell asleep on it, after asking F to stay a little longer until I could see the end of it.  Oops.  

We came home, had a lovely quiet evening (no TV!)  and made a few plans for tomorrow.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen exactly though.  

And, I didn’t do any crochet tonight, so there won’t be a picture tomorrow, but there is one today.  Yay.  I only have one section of the blanket left. 
Work done up to June 11, 2015

Come back later and find out what I end up doing.  Until tomorrow….

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