June 14, 2015

Sunday - Hot and sunny, bit muggy

A good day.  

I did set my alarm for the morning, and some of them woke me up, but I didn’t get up.  F was back from his Mum’s and was sitting in the living room with no lights and no TV, so I didn’t have anything to wake me up!  Still, I finally got up around 11:30 and got dressed soon afterwards.  

F and I decided to go over to the Kokusai Mura to see the International Festival.  We’ve gone in other years and it has been fun.  It was fun today too.  We had bits of food from all over, talked to a guy that we knew slightly from his now closed restaurant, and watched a bit of an acrobatic show.  

I bought some Vietnamese food…a kind of meat in a wrapper, like a harumaki.  I also got a small portions of some Indonesian noodles, they called them ramen, but they weren’t really.  F had some bifen that he said was bad, some Korean noodles and some Egyptian stew.  That was good, I made him give me a taste of it!  I asked him to pick me up something and he brought me…gyoza.  Egads.  I can get gyoza any day!  I meant something that I can’t usually have.  The gyoza, which we shared were Chinese ones, probably handmade since they were quite chewy.  They were good.  Personally, I go to fairs like this to try NEW things, not everyday things I can get whenever I want.  F and I don’t see eye to eye on that!  I didn’t really eat all that much to be honest.

Even though I was wearing sunscreen and a big floppy hat, I had to be careful of the sun. After a couple of hours of being outside with no shade, I really needed to get indoors. 

We had a quick drink at the nearby McDonalds and then hit up MaxValu, the grocery store for some things for F’s mum.  She quite liked the single serving packs of entrees that we got her before, so we got her a few more.  All she has to do is open and microwave them if she isn’t feeling very well.  We brought them back to our apartment, put them in the fridge for now, and then went over to Tokai, my local craft shop.

I was looking for a greeting card and I found one, then I looked at the yarn and wool briefly.  I bought the card and renewed my membership card.  Then, we left the store.  I asked F what he wanted to do and he suggested karaoke.  I was surprised, but happy.

We went for two hours and had a great time.  I sang a lot of my usual songs and did a duet with myself of “I Knew You Were Waiting For Me”…the Aretha Franklin/George Michael song.  I was sitting there really getting into the music when I knew it.  I just had to get to my feet and move!  I haven’t done that in ages at karaoke and I think it speaks to my better condition that I even wanted to stand up.  From then on I stood and ‘walked’ for quite a lot of my songs.  I was sweating a lot, but it was fun and I felt good!

When our two hours was up, we came back home and F grabbed the food for his mother and went over to her house. He said she was quite happy with it and with the thing that we got her for tonight’s dinner too….some salad rolls. They did look good.  I had told F that if she didn’t want them he could bring them back for us!

When he came back I wanted to go for dinner but he wasn’t ready.  I tried to get him off his computer but he didn’t want to.  Finally after 7:30 I got him to agree to go out.  I gave him a choice of three places.  One turned out to be too expensive, one was okay, but we went to Fireball for pasta.  We had a nice meal, we shared two kinds of spaghetti. There was mozzarella in a meat cream sauce and chicken in a tomato cream sauce.  They were good.  

After dinner we picked up a few groceries and then came home.  I started the edging on the blanket, so I’m going to hold the pictures until I’m finished it.  The edging might take a while.  I darned in most of the remaining ends though.  I have one left.

Anyway, that is a very complete and thorough account of my day.  It was a pretty good one for a change and I am so glad.  

Not sure what’ll go on tomorrow.  I should be cooking and I hope that F has a good day and isn’t grumpy when he comes home!  Find out what happens later on.  Until tomorrow….

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