June 15, 2015

Monday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I got up about on time today and came through to watch the morning show on the telly.  I read some stuff on my computer and then took a little nap which of course turned into a much longer nap.  Sigh. 

When I got up I did a workout, one I hadn’t tried before and I didn’t like it much.  It wasn’t smooth and I didn’t understand what she wanted me to do.  That’s okay, tomorrow I’ll go back to something I like.

I watched a couple of movies on TV today.  One I just caught the end of was the original movie called The Collector with Terrence Stamp and Samantha Eggar.  It was creepy.  It was followed by another  called Kiss the Girls with Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd.  I’ve seen the end before, but not the beginning part.  It was a bit of an oogly afternoon!

I quite forgot that I should do the cooking tonight so I was in a bit of panic trying to get ready.  F called to say he’d be late, but then he wasn’t as late as he could have been!  He came home and fell asleep before I got dinner finished.  Still, I did a couple of dishes tonight and they were quite good.  We had marinated grilled eggplant and creamy meat stuffed zucchini done as a casserole instead of stuffed zucchini!  All the eggplant vanished and most of the zucchini.  I’m glad actually.  I have to do it all over again tomorrow with something different.  Still, tomorrow it should be easier as I’m going to do only one “big” dish, and I think I’m going to do one that I haven’t done for a bit. 

I had been cleaning up after myself as I went along so there wasn’t that much to do for F.  He got the grill and the table dishes, I had 3 pots and many bowls and utensils!

At 9:00 pm I watched Gossip Girl and F went out for a walk.  It sounds like he went for quite a distance, good on him.  I worked on the edging of my blanket, I’m about half done it now.  It’s quite time consuming.  

And that’s about it for my day.  It is so hot and a bit humid today.  I’m suffering a bit, but it isn’t quite hot enough for the air conditioner…yet!  

Tomorrow I have to prepare dinner, I might go and mail something and I should start to think about my column.  Come back and see how much of it I actually get done!  Until tomorrow….

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