July 2, 2015

Thursday - Warm and sunny

An okay day.

I got up early today and decided to be smart.  Ha!  I did another half change, sat on the couch and watched my show and drank some tea.  I also decided to have breakfast early too.  

Today I did a two mile walk and I finished before 12 as well.  That was good as I’ve gradually been starting later and later.  It was a good thing that I did as F came home for lunch.  

I had a good and quiet afternoon.  F popped back a couple of times, I did some laundry and even put a bit away.  I watched a few episodes of Project Runway All-Stars and enjoyed it a lot.  

I started getting ready for dinner around 5, but F didn’t call me for a while that he was finished work.  He called back when he finished at his mum’s and said that she’d asked him to make something for her and he’d be about 30 more minutes!  I started doing a bit of cooking.  I think F was back about 10 minutes earlier than he said.

Tonight I did omelettes with choice of fillings, plus pan-roasted new potatoes.  Sadly, something went wrong with the potatoes and they weren’t great.  They were too salty.  The recipe said to cook them on a layer of salt in the pan, it was to stop them from burning.  I might have used too much salt, or it might have been the fact that it wasn’t kosher salt or a cast iron pan, but bleck.  The parts of the potato that didn’t have salt on it were fine, but since they were tiny new potatoes they had salt all over…bleck.  And, to make matters worse, I burned F’s omelette.  It wasn’t black all over and he did eat it, even though I told him if it was terrible I’d make him a new one!  Mine of course was perfect….second omelettes and all that!

We were supposed to go and see the fireflies tonight, but it was too late.  F was really tired.  I did the dishes while he took a nap.  We did go out to buy more milks, for some reason we didn’t buy any last night and we were both running low.  (I put soy milk in my tea these days.)  While we were out, I took him to McDonald to get a drink each, to make up for the terrible salted dinner.  

We came home and I watched House which I’d DVR’d while F did stuff.  After I got off the couch he took a nap and didn’t wake up for hours.  He went to bed, but got up again and had sashimi and beer.  I don’t know how he does it really!

That’s about it for me.  Tomorrow I’ll be cooking dinner again.  I hope I do a better job than I did today!  I also have a couple of postcards to mail out, if I have time I’ll write a couple more.  Come back in a bit and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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