July 21, 2015

Tuesday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I got up a few minutes late this morning.  I had a feeling that I would as I went back to bed around 8 am.  I should have just stayed up, but I wanted a few more zzzz’s. 

I checked email, read blogs and then a bit later I did my workout.  I did a couple of short tapes and was trying out a new one when my phone rang.  F wanted to come home for lunch and did I want a bento.  Nope.  He asks me every time and the answer never changes.  I wish he’d stop asking me!

I stopped my video, put the furniture back in order and he arrived.  I ate breakfast, he had lunch and then was off again quite quickly.  

I actually had a busy day today.  I cleaned the toilet, and later on part of the shower, did a load of laundry, hung it and put away some dry clothes, plus got the kitchen sorted out and a start made on dinner.  Oh yes, I had to poach my chicken breast too.  Not all of my time was spent on my computer or watching the DVR!  Some of it was though. 

F came home a bit late but dinner was mostly done.  Tonight it was just a simple meal-salad.  Salad with yellow grape tomatoes and red onion, plus poached chicken.  It was really nice.  After all the not healthy food I ate this weekend, I was glad to get back to basics.  F didn’t find it enough and had some sujiko and two packs of rice with it.  

I did some crochet while watching Grey’s Anatomy.  I have finished all of the dark greeny-blue squares now. I do have ends to darn though.  Sigh.  Still, it gives me something to do at night!

I had a couple of cookies with some yogurt that a friend had given us a few months ago.  They were delish…but as they had chocolate on the bottom of them, they were a bit melty! Nice though.

Really, that was my day.  I did a bit of postcrossing tonight.  I also have to go to the post office tomorrow so I hope that I can get everything done before I do.  I still haven’t wrapped or mailed my niece’s birthday present and her birthday is really soon.  Yikes.  

Come back later and find out if everything that needs to get done, does in fact get done.  Until tomorrow….

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