July 26, 2015

Sunday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I got up fairly early for me on a Sunday, but no one else was around to appreciate it.  F was over at his mother’s house.  I got dressed and chilled out a bit while I waited for him.  

When he came home we talked about lunch.  We ended up going to the new restaurant in the souvenir shop near city hall.  We both had the same dish as last time, which was salad, grilled chicken in a curry sauce, with some rice, eggplant soup and scalloped potato on the side.  It was very nice and the atmosphere was great.  We looked at the shop section after our meal and I got a few postcards there.  I’m not sure how they’ll go over as they are mostly local foods, but you never know! We were told there that they were having a special day and at their other store, if we showed the brochure, we could get a free ice cream…a stamp rally thing.  They are very popular here.  

We went to Yamaya next and got a bit of food.  We both picked up a few things for ourselves.  I got more granola.  It’s expensive, but better than the regular grocery store’s.  

We went to the other souvenir shop and looked around.  No postcards that I wanted, but I liked the shop really.  They were selling a lot of local foods that people buy for souvenirs, and had a lottery on for some of their products.  It was 200 yen for a ticket, so we each got one.  We got the same level  of prize.  We could choose between a blueberry shake or a spinning top.  I chose the top, F chose the shake!  We also went and got our ice cream.  Well, I did at first, F had coffee and a shake.  Then, he decided he wanted ice cream too!  He got his free one.  It wasn’t just ice cream, it was Dadacha mame (the local version of edamame) ice cream!  I liked it.

We came home for a while after making a quick drugstore run.  Basically we relaxed for a while, I tried to nap, wasn’t allowed to! 

When it was time to discuss dinner I had a few suggestions, but F wasn’t too happy with them.  I wasn’t too happy with his either!  Finally we agreed to see if the Komagihara buffet restaurant was open.  I suggested calling first, but F didn’t want to.  We went there and sad to say, weren’t too impressed.  It was like all their food had gone!  There were 2 little pieces of sandwich meat and 5 pieces of what looked like corned beef for the meat, several empty trays where normally there’d be food, and no sashimi.  They did bring out a bit of sashimi later, but nothing that would really please me.  And, their desserts were mostly gone too.  When we go for lunch they seem to refresh everything often, tonight it was like they didn’t have anymore food.  I do think we got our money’s worth, but I would have preferred a greater selection.  

We bought groceries after dinner.  I think tomorrow is going to be an omelette night.  I really don’t feel like cooking a huge meal, so something fast and light would be nice.  I have some leftover soup, and bought some lettuce, so we can have that with it too. 

F had requested that we watch a movie tonight, so I thought it would be fine.  Unfortunately for me, he picked a movie we have already seen, and then fell asleep on it!  I did a bunch of crochet and I liked the movie anyway, so it wasn’t all bad! It was Any Day Now and Alan Cumming was terrific of course.  

That’s about it for me.  My weekend is almost over but it was quite nice.  The weather was a bit hot for me, but I survived!  

Until tomorrow….


MsMouse7 said...

I love the movie " Any Day Now" and think Alan Cumming was spectacular in it. Sad ending.

Helen said...

It is a good film. I was actually surprised how much I liked Garett Dillahunt in this part. He usually comes off as a bit slimy but was good in this one.

Alan Cumming is terrific and it is a sad story. I know the idea for the film is based on a true story, but I think it was quite embellished for the movie.

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