July 6, 2015

Monday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I got up early this morning and had some iced tea.  I relaxed and tried very hard to keep my eyes open during my show.  I didn’t quite manage.  I read blogs and I got ready for my workout.  I did a two mile video today and enjoyed it.  It seemed almost…dare I say it-easy!

In the afternoon I watched Penny Dreadful and then took a shower. 

I decided to go out, so I bicycled off to the post office to check for a specific Gotochi card, but I couldn’t find it.  Sigh. I biked off to the drugstore and got myself some necessities for the apartment like aluminum foil, mints and panko. I biked home again and had a very, very late lunch.  

Around 5 pm I was just going to the kitchen to get started on dinner prep when I got a call from F.  He was in Yonezawa and wouldn’t be back until close to 8:00pm.  Oh no!  I cleaned up the kitchen anyway as it needed it, and then decided what I’d be cooking for dinner tonight.
We had some chicken in the fridge, so I coated it in a herb mix from the store and let it sit in the bag for a couple of hours.  I hemmed and hawed about cooking broccoli as I was also going to cook corn on the cob and wasn’t sure if I could do both.  Guess what?  I could!  

When F called a couple of hours later to say he was back in Tsuruoka, I kicked things into higher gear.  I prepped the broccoli for the microwave, I started to heat up the water for the corn and I got the chicken out of the fridge to come to room temperature.  

F finally came home and it was about 15 minutes later that everything was done.  We had a pretty nice meal.  The corn was good, I enjoyed it a lot, and the broccoli turned out well too. The chicken was yummy and I even have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  

We had a fairly quiet evening, except F watched some TV.  It was Japanese, but it wasn’t bad Japanese for a change, so no problem really.  I watched Law & Order at midnight.

I’m going to have a fairly busy day tomorrow I think.  I’m planning to make some buns for dinner and I’m planning to make tuna burgers again.  I think I’ll make them smaller than last time, hopefully they’ll fit into the buns I plan to make!  I do hope it is a little cooler in the apartment or the oven might overheat us.  Come back later and find out what is new with me.  Until tomorrow….

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