August 29, 2015

Saturday - Cloudy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon

A good day.  I got up early this morning and got dressed.  F was still out for a while.  When he came back he wanted to go to his Farmer’s Restaurant.  I said it was okay, but really I’m a bit bored by the place! We had to sit on the floor this time as they had moved all the furniture around.

After lunch we did a bit of shopping.  I went to my craft store to pick up some double pointed knitting needles and a few other things.  We came home for a bit and vegged around the apartment.

F wanted to go and see a movie and the only thing in English that was playing and we hadn’t seen yet was Ted 2.  I didn’t really want to go, but on the other hand, I pick all the movies and F never gets to.  I forgot that there is a reason for that!

We drove out to Mikawa and had dinner in a pasta restaurant.  F ordered himself a pasta with a small pizza.  He proceeded to try to get me to eat some of the pizza.  I didn’t want any of it and didn’t have any.  I just had some cold pasta.  It was really good.  It was a mixture of mini tomatoes, mozzarella and olives in an oil/pesto base.  It was really good.  

We went to see the movie.  It had some funny cameos, but overall was terrible.  F liked it a lot more than I did!

After the movie we went to Don Quijote and picked up a few things.  I got a new Pyrex pie plate, F got some food and we both got something to drink.  

We came home after the movie and F took some medicine.  His neck was really bothering him.  He went to bed and I’m still up, but I want to get some sleep soon too.  I’m watching The Watchmen which is odd.  I’ve tried to watch it before, but I lose the plot partway through.  

I honestly have no idea what we’ll get up to next.  Come back and find out!  Until tomorrow….

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