August 31, 2015

Monday - Cloudy and warm

A good day.

I was a tad busy this morning.  I did a short walk while some laundry washed in the machine.  I hung it up afterwards.  I also worked on my Journal column and got it mostly done.  I have to proof-read it tomorrow and see how I like it.  I think I’ll need to tweak it a little, check the grammar, that kind of thing.

F came home around 6:30.  I had just started my dinner prep so dinner wasn’t until a bit after 7:00pm.  He was watching a Volleyball game during our meal.  I didn’t know he liked Volleyball.  I don’t!
Tonight we had tandoori chicken done in the toaster oven, plus swiss chard with parmesan and a salad.  As always, I loved the swiss chard.  Tonight F said that he’d rather have spinach. I told him it was fine if he cooked it.  I am glad to see swiss chard in the store and I’ll buy as much of it as I can!  Spinach is fine, but I wouldn’t bother doing the work for it!

F actually did the dishes tonight.  I wasn’t sure that he would be able to, but he did.  Yay for that! We had a quiet (talking-wise) but noisy (TV-wise) night.  F watched Volleyball until after 9:00 pm.  Then I watched Gossip Girl and did a bit of crochet.  I have all but one little square attached now.  I’m so excited about getting this blanket done!

After Gossip Girl finished, I let F have the TV again, and he found boxing.  Bleck.  I made a playlist of songs on my computer and listened to half of it.  It was good!  Yay.  

F went to bed around midnight and I think I might go soon.  I’m a little tired tonight.  Tomorrow I have to do the final proof of my column and then send it in, I’m also cooking dinner again and would also like to get out of the apartment if possible, since I didn’t today! Come back and see what happens.  Until tomorrow!

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