September 10, 2015

Thursday - Rainy and cloudy all day.

An okay day.

I got up this morning, stayed awake and even did a slightly extended workout.  Yay me.  It surprised me, it did!

I had breakfast after my workout, which meant I wasn’t hungry until quite late.  Sigh. Eating lunch just before you cook dinner is a bit silly, and yet, I do it! I thought about going out during the day, but never got around to it and with the weather forecasts being as bad as they were, I didn’t really want to risk going out.  

Just in case anyone is worried, there’s no flooding in my area, at least not yet.  I heard the storm might be coming up the Sea of Japan side.  

I didn’t have a busy day at all.  I feel like I did, but really I didn’t.  I got ready to cook dinner, but when F came home he wasn’t feeling well and went to bed. 

I did cook for myself and it was quite nice.  I did hamburg with sautéed spinach and then I concocted an odd pasta side dish.  I served the above with salad.  I liked it, but it was a bit sad eating by myself.  

F stayed in bed until I turned on the TV around 11pm.  I started a new doily that might be for my sister if it goes fast enough, it isn’t too difficult but looks nice so it might work.

It is now quite late and I have to get to bed soon so that F will go back.  He claims to have a cold, which worries me as I’ll end up with it and then I have to travel in two weeks, and we have weekend plans.  ARGH!  

I know what I did tonight…I wrote two postcards and bought my travel insurance and printed out some information for F about when and where I’m travelling to.  Whew.  

I’m honestly not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow.  Maybe if the storm passes I’ll go out, but according to my weather apps it’ll rain most of the day tomorrow.  Sigh.  Come on back and find out what I get up to!  Until tomorrow….

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