September 19, 2015

Saturday - Rainy, cloudy and then rainy again. With Rainbows!

A good day.

I got up this morning to an empty apartment.  F was off with his mother.  He took her to an onsen and the dentist and took her for a quick lunch too.  When he came home it was almost 2 pm!  I was a touch annoyed since I hadn’t had breakfast and thought he’d be home early.  

When he came home, we decided to have lunch out.  We went to the Grand El Sun, the place where we got married.  We had a nice lunch there.  I had pork with bread and tea, F had fish croquettes with rice and coffee.  The food was good, just a little petite!

After dinner we went to the cell phone company to see if I could get a plan to use my phone in Canada, but I couldn’t.  Well, strictly speaking I could if I didn’t mind paying 3000 yen a day plus calling charges.  I think I’ll turn off the cellular and just use wifi when I find it! F gassed up the car and then we came home for a bit.
Rainbow outside the phone company building

Rainbow from the parking lot of our building

We went over to the Mikawa Mall around 6 pm and had dinner at the pasta place.  I really like their food.  I had a tuna and grated daikon pasta in a yuzu sauce that was really nice, F had mentaiko with mayonnaise.  

After dinner, we bought some socks from Jusco and F ran them to the car.  We went to the theatre and went to see Ant-Man.  It was a lot of fun.  It was a bit silly, but quite enjoyable.  After the movie, we drove back to Tsuruoka.  I watched CSI and did a tad bit of crochet, F went to bed fairly early.  

At midnight I re-watched While You Were Sleeping and enjoyed it just as much as ever.  I’ve been trying to do a bit of fact-finding for my trip and getting some mental prep done for it.  I hope to be able to do a few things tomorrow to get ready.  

Come back in a bit and find out about my day.  I have no idea what it’ll be like!  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

3000 yen a day?! Yikes. Can you buy a cheap "pay as you go" phone when you get to Canada and just use that while you're there? My brother has one he got at Walmart here in the US and I think the phone was about $30 and he buys time for it in $20-$100 blocks.

Are you getting jazzed about your trip?

Helen said...

I'll try, but since no-one in my family has ever done it, no one knows if it can be done, if that makes sense! I'd like to have a phone because finding a payphone in Canada is getting harder and harder!

Yes, very jazzed. I just need some time to check my suitcase and make sure I packed all the right things! Going to be busy tomorrow, so I hope I have time today for it.

Thanks for visiting :-)

Shonan LOvE said...

Hey Helen

Your best option is to sign up with Wind Mobile 'pay before' plan for the unlimited talk, text, data for $25-$35.

It's pretty much pay as you go. Once you've used the month you dont need to top up again, just dump the sim.

Make sure your phone is unlocked though!

Don't rely on Wifi. Free Wifi is increasingly common but still a hassle to find.

Helen said...

Thanks Shonan Love... My phone is locked though, and I can't unlock it without getting into trouble.

I think I can use Wifi at the place I'm staying, so that'll be a big help.

I'm hoping not to use my phone much! I'm there to see people more than talk on the phone.