September 2, 2015

Wednesday - Rainy & cloudy & humid

A good day.

I got up this morning, watched my show and read my blog then took a shower.  Yes, a little different. 

I tried looking for some clothes in my closet and ended up pulling out a bunch of pyjamas and other things from some drawers.  I need to wash them as they have a bit of a fusty smell, but yay.  I also found, hidden at the back of a drawer, my “clown pants”.  I bought these pants in Canada the last time I was dieting and loved them.  I thought they were the bees knees.  They were brownish beige with blue stripes.  So comfortable and cute.  F took one look at them and called them clown pants.  I wore them for a bit, but gained back some weight and the season changed so they got hidden away again.  I found them today and….they’re slightly too big for me! I’m going to wash them and add them into my pant rotation.  

I decided not to wear a dress today, and ended up with a fairly new top and a pair of yoga pants.  I just had them hemmed and they are too long again.  Sigh.  

My friend came around 1 today and we went to the Italian buffet restaurant.  It was quite fun.  We were both fairly good.  She had a calzone and I just had pasta plus salad bar.  I overdid it at the dessert part though.  Oh well. 

We went to Musashi, the hardware store afterwards.  She bought some office supplies and I bought a couple of purple pens for my Postcrossing.  I like to write the registration numbers in bright colours so they are easy to see.

We went over to S-Mall and I bought us a drink each at Doutors with my new pre-paid card and then it was time for her to go.  She dropped me off at home and that was that.

F came home a bit after 6:30 and we talked about dinner.  I listed off a few places we could go and he liked the sound of Coco Curry House.  We went and had curry.  He had a fishy/seafood curry, I had a chicken and vegetable one and gave him half my rice.  

We bought a few groceries afterwards and then came home.  I watched Nikita and finished joining all of the squares on my blanket.  I’m attempting a second round of the Sherbet on the blanket, so you’ll just have to wait until I’m finished it before I put a picture up! I also did some Postcrossings, and scanned them tonight too.

It was a nice evening, quite quiet for a change.  I noticed that a movie is playing at the local cinema that I want to see and tomorrow is maybe the last chance I have to see it, so I’ll probably leave here early on and go and see it, unless the weather is really bad.  I’ve been looking forward to it for a while.  Then, I might try and get my hair cut.  

Come back later and find out if I did manage to get my hair done or if I went to see the movie.  Until tomorrow….

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