November 11, 2015

Wednesday - Cloudy and cool.  Remembrance Day

A good day.  

I got up this morning and discovered a bag of bread on the table.  It wasn’t home-made, it was from the convenience store.  I was rather touched!  I had asked F to make bread last night, but he was really tired when he went to bed, so forgot.  That meant he’d gone out, bought it, and brought it home again.  Sweet guy!

I watched my show as usual.  I had breakfast too.  F popped by for a couple of minutes and I thanked him for the bread.  

I got a note on Facebook from an ex-student that she had something for me from her trip and she wanted to know if she could drop it off for me.  I suggested meeting up for tea or coffee and she agreed.  I suggested meeting around 3 pm which was okay with her.

As I had plans in the afternoon and didn’t want to be all sweaty for them, I only did a one mile walk.  F called me during it, but no problem.  I finished just as he arrived home for lunch. When I told him about my plans for the afternoon, he gave me a little money.  Yay!

I had lunch and then scanned my outgoing postcards for Postcrossing.  I also stamped them and got the two outgoing gotochi cards ready to go too.  

When my friend arrived, we went off to Cafe Studio Cinq and I had darjeeling tea.  She had coffee and cheesecake.  We had a lovely chat and caught up a bit.  I haven’t seen her in a couple of years, we do keep in touch on Facebook, but we are both a bit busy at times.

When our time was up, she drove me towards home and I asked if she would let me out at the post office instead.  I had to mail the cards and walking home would be a nice treat.  She was worried I’d get cold but I reminded her that I’m Canadian!

At home again, I heard from F that he’d be late so I just relaxed some more.  When he came home we talked about going out and I suggested going to Cocos, since we haven’t been there in ages.

We drove there and had a pretty decent dinner.  I had plain old chicken as usual, with a side salad and drink bar, F had a newish dish, chicken in a tomato sauce with 12 grain rice, side salad and dessert.  We were both quite pleased with our dishes.

On the way home we bought gas for the car and then some groceries.  I’m going to do chicken and a stir-fry tomorrow night I think.  There’s a lot of stuff in the fridge to use up.  

We had a fairly quiet night in. I went to the couch and worked on the table runner I’m making for my sister.  First I darned in a whole bunch of ends, then did one additional square.  Yay for me.  I didn’t darn in its ends however.  

That’s about it for me for tonight though.  Tomorrow, I’m not sure.  I may go out, but I’ve been saying that for days.  I’d like to do a little more pre-Christmas shopping, plus I need to get some things for myself.  Come back later and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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