November 12, 2015

Thursday - Sunny

An okay day.

I got up this morning a couple of minutes late.  Oh well.  I came through to the living room and made myself some tea and breakfast right away.  

I had a good morning, did the bed and dressed in my workout clothes and even started my workout a couple of minutes earlier today.  I did two miles again and it was fairly intense.  I’m sore in places that I didn’t know existed!  I’m debating about trying the resistance band workouts tomorrow, or changing to my other DVD with the shorter workouts.  

I expected F to come home during his lunch time, but he didn’t.  He did pop in quite late, around 4 pm which was surprising.  On the other hand, I had an early for me lunch, and then a shower too.  I had a quiet afternoon.  I also found out today that the DVR automatically switched over from taping The Big C to Once Upon a Time.  Unfortunately, it didn’t lengthen the time it recorded, so the last 15-20 minutes of each episode is cut off.  Ack.  I’ll have to watch the rest of them and figure it out I think.

When F came home, I was working on the persimmon crumble I promised him.  It took a bit of work, but I got it ready to go in the oven, and put it in the fridge.  I really didn’t want to cook it before dinner.  

After it was ready, I switched to my stir-fry and got it ready to go.  Even though I felt rather bad about making F wait, I did get dinner done quite quickly.  We had baked chicken, with a broccoli/onion/mushroom stir-fry in a soy-chilli sauce and salad.  F added on rice, I didn’t.

F did the dishes tonight, I did some postcrossing.  I got four cards ready to go out.  I’ll have to scan them tomorrow, but I’m happy with them.  For some reason, none of my cards have gone through in ages.  I feel sad about that!

I also booked us another hotel for the weekend of F’s birthday.  He wants us to go away for two nights now, not just one.  The place I booked is a business hotel, but from the other ones I’ve stayed in of the chain, they are comfortable.  

We had the persimmon crumble and it was quite nice!  I used a new recipe and I like it.  Hurray for that.  

Since I didn’t go out today, I must run a few errands tomorrow.  Come back in a while and find out what my Friday is like.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

The persimmon crumble sounds great. I ran into the first persimmons of the season at Whole Foods a couple of days ago and they were 2 for $3. A bit rich for my blood! Costco often has them cheaper. But I do miss the amazing and cheap persimmons in Japan.

Good on you for sticking to your workouts! I need to get myself back in the groove. Do you like the resistance bands? I was thinking of investing in some.

Helen said...

Ha ha ha! I haven't bought any persimmons! In this area, they are a bit like zucchini in summer....everybody gives them away! This area's persimmons are quite nice - they soak them in alcohol for a couple of days before they are eaten so they are sweet.

I don't mind the resistance bands honestly. I had been thinking about getting weights, but my sister (who is a fitness trainer) suggested the bands. They take up less room in the apartment, and you can travel with them if you need too. I also got a free one with my latest workout dvd :-) My biggest problem is just making sure that I am doing the exercises properly and getting enough resistance on the band. (I have a tube one as well, but sometimes it catches in my hair or doesn't stay in place so I am not so sure about it.)

Thanks for commenting :-)