November 7, 2015

Saturday - Cloudy

A good day.

I wasn’t sure how today would start.  F and I were both really quiet this morning, but gradually got friendlier as the morning went on.  F suggested going to Futaba for lunch, so we did.  I like the place, sometimes he doesn’t.  It was very nice today, and not too busy either.  

After lunch we had a little bit of time so we went to Komagi Spa and looked at their Farmer’s Market area.  I picked up some vegetables.  I think we’ll be eating some yummy stuff next week.  We came home around 1:30.  I had time to check email before brushing my teeth and leaving for the dentist.

At the dentist’s office I was shown into a different room than usual and had a bit of a cleaning before getting a fluoride treatment.  I thought I’d been doing better, but they asked me to come back next month to finish with the fluoride. I dunno…

We drove out to Mikawa to pick up my pants.  I didn’t plan to try them on, but I did!  They look fine to me.  F wanted to look at wallets, so I told him if he found a good one, not a 1000 yen cheapie, I’d buy it for his birthday present.  I gave him an upper amount and he found a nice looking one for a little less than that.  So, I went to the bank machine and got the wallet for him.

After that, we took our stuff to the car and then came back to the mall for a drink.  Following that, we checked out the movies (there weren’t any worth seeing) and checked out the hardware store for a bed for F’s dog.  He found a nice one and bought it.  Yay!

Since we were done, I suggested going to Don Quijote to have a look for presents for my nephew and his father.  I also wanted to look at small suitcases.  I ended up getting a small suitcase.  Supposedly I could bring it on the plane if I wanted to, as it is carry on size.  And it’s pink!  Yay!  We did get something small for my BIL for Christmas and some food things for us.  Not much really.

We paid and then left.  F suggested a place for dinner which was fine, but kept making mistakes on how to get there, so we decided to go back to Tsuruoka.  I suggested Indian food as it’s been ages since I had any and F agreed.  We went to Krippa and had a yummy feast.  We both had the Saag Chicken curry with naan.  I cancelled the rice that came with mine…I’m all about the naan.  

We came home after the meal and had a quiet night.  I tried to watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie but fell asleep on it and my crochet, so told F he could watch whatever!  He found Transporter 2 but it was dubbed into Japanese.  Still, seeing Jason Statham in any language makes me happy so that was fine.

F went to bed a couple of hours ago and I’m going as soon as I post this.  Today was a good day.  I’m not sure what we’ll get up to on Sunday.  The weather is supposed to be bad, so that leaves out most outdoors things.  

Come back later and find out what we do get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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