December 18, 2015

Friday - Rainy, Snowy, and Cold.

A good day.

I got up this morning and watched Numbers.  It is a good show, but I preferred House! I had a good morning, I did fall asleep on a show, but put 10 minutes on my timer so I could take a mini-nap.  Unfortunately, F took it upon himself to come home during those 10 minutes so I didn’t get my nap after all.  

I did work out today, I did a “Mega-walk” with intervals and mostly managed to keep up.  Yay me.  
In the afternoon, I watched Agents of Shield and then went out for lunch.  I took myself off to the post office and then to have lunch.  I went to Kappa Sushi so it wasn’t expensive, and honestly wasn’t too bad either.

I came home and a little while later, F called to say that he was coming home to change and get ready for his party.  He came by and was gone a few minutes later.

In the evening I watched Frozen because it was on TV, and then Castle.  I made my dinner somewhere in there and then put on Mr. Selfridge.  I borrowed the dvds from a friend a couple of years ago and still have a lot to watch.  I “binge-watched” about 5 episodes tonight.  It is an excellent show.  Of course, I still have an entire season to go through!

I’ve had a very quiet but enjoyable evening.  I had a couple of texts from F before he went to bed but that was it.  It’s been blissful in all honesty.  I adore my husband, but I need to spend time alone too.  

I’m not sure what I’m going to get up to tomorrow night, but I hope it’ll be fun! I’d like to go shopping for F’s present and a new handbag for myself.  I’d also like to to see a certain new movie about a galaxy far, far, away if we have time!  Come back later and find out what we get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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