December 20, 2015

Sunday - Cloudy but mostly clear with occasional light rain.

An odd day.

F and I were home late last night and stayed up very late too.  It was around 4 am when we both went to bed.  Fast forward a bit to 6 am when I woke up, only to discover that F was wide awake and playing on his computer in the living room. Hmm.  8:00 something am, same thing.  Hmm.  How much sleep did he get?

He went over to his mother’s in the morning and I slept on.  I finally dragged myself out of bed very close to noon.  I got dressed immediately and thought he wanted to go out.  He said he wanted to go and see a salmon ladder which was fine, and asked where I wanted to go to eat.  I suggested something in Sakata which I thought was okay, but then changed his mind and wanted something else.  He then suggested the port restaurant in Sakata which is a complete and total NO-GO as far as I am concerned.  We fight every single time we go there and it is horrible besides.  So no.  Not going to go there. Ever again.  EVER.

He got mad, said he wasn’t going to go anywhere then and made himself some ramen.  Fine…I didn’t care!  When he finished I made myself something to eat out of the leftovers in the fridge.  Then, I asked if he’d like to go out.  No.

We had more words and then he left to get some kerosene for his mother. I suggested getting us some too.  He wasn’t talking to me, however.

When he came back, I thought he might want to go to his salmon place then.  Nope.  I thought he might want to go to the electric shop.  Nope.  So, I went out by myself.

I got dressed in my coat, grabbed my handbag, said, “See ya!” and walked off to the mall.  At the mall I had a really nice time by myself.  I picked up a few things in the hundred yen shop, then had a drink at Doutors where I read a bit of a book and tried to start my latest movie column.  

I left the mall around 4:30, just after it was dark.  I walked home again and was nice as I could be when I came back, but wasn’t talked to for a while.

Around 6 pm I suggested going for dinner.  He actually seemed to think that was a good idea and said okay.  Although he said he didn’t like the place I suggested, he only wanted ramen instead so I said no to that!

When we got to the main road, he didn’t turn the way to the restaurant so I asked him where we were going.  To the electric shop.  Okay then.  When we were there, he picked up my Christmas Present and some ink for our printers.  

After this, things were quite pleasant and I suggested another place that I had remembered going with him.  I asked about the new Chinese restaurant that he’d taken me recently, so we went there.  He could have ramen there and I didn’t have to.  We went and neither of us had ramen!  We got four dishes, gyoza, fried rice, pork and black mushroom and egg stir-fry, and yaki-bifun.  Everything was good and we were stuffed afterwards.

We went to the grocery store where F basically insisted on fish for tomorrow night. I’m not terribly happy about it to be honest.  I like the fish, I don’t like cooking it.  It isn’t something I’m confident in.  I was also a little shocked to see how expensive the fish was in comparison to meat! Yikes.

We came home. I had a meeting on line with other ladies in my area that was a lot of fun and during that F slipped away to bed.  I tried to wake him up to put on his pyjamas or take his bath, but he didn’t wake up at all.  Sigh.  

So, things are better tonight than they were in the daytime, but I still don’t know why he had to be such a grumpy bear all day.  I think it was because he didn’t get enough sleep, but HE will never admit that!  

Come back later and find out how that fish turns out, and other exciting details in my life!  Until tomorrow….

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