January 11, 2016

Monday-Mostly clear, but cold and windy, with snow in the evening

I got up fairly early this morning and watched a couple of shows on TV before F came back from the garage.  I had a quiet morning at home.  

When F came home we talked a bit and then went out for lunch.  I had to get dressed first.  I suggested going to Futaba so that’s where we went.  

Futaba wasn’t too busy today so we got a seat right away.  I ordered the baguette sandwich lunch and F had their pork donburi.  I think F’s lunch was better than mine.  Mine had too much tomato for me.  It came with ratatouille and then there was some tomato in the sandwich.  I felt a bit itchy for a while.

We decided to go out to the ocean after lunch and drove all the way there. F parked near the beach and we climbed up to the wall around the beach.  It was freezing!  The wind was so cold and strong.  We took a few pictures of each other and I took a selfie so I could post it here.  We couldn’t stay long because of the cold.  

It was so very cold!

The waves were quite rough.  No one was surfing though.

We drove back into Tsuruoka and visited my craft shop for a few minutes but didn’t buy anything.  After that, we needed something to drink, so went to a place that we hadn’t gone for a long time, Studio+14.  I had a chai, F had a French coffee and we shared a very sinful plate of desserts.  It was incredible really.  They also had an interestingly decorated washroom.
On the toilet room wall...a bit sad.

I wonder what was in the middle? 

Chocolate cake, tiramisu and a slightly orange-y ice cream.  Yum!
After our drink we came home for a while.  We vegged a bit and I did some computer work for my Women’s group.  Around 6 F started grousing about dinner, but it took a while to decide where to go. Finally F suggested Hana.  While it isn’t my favourite place, I really don’t have a big objection to it, so I said it was okay.

When we walked out to the car, it was surprising to see that the ground was now white.  It wasn’t earlier.  Hana was fine.  I had a grilled cod set meal and F had sanma and also cod soup.  We were both fairly pleased with our meals.

Next up, we went to the grocery store and bought some food for the next couple of days.  I’m going to make chicken soup tomorrow night.  I want to use up some of the stock that I made and this way I can.  Hopefully, we’ll have leftovers to have with sandwiches the next day.  

F watched some TV and then Pride and Prejudice came on.  I enjoyed it again, and then just re-watched The Jane Austen Book Club, which I liked a whole lot more than the novel.  It is now really late so I have to get to bed.

So, today wasn’t a bad day at all.  We went to the beach, which always makes me happy, and we didn’t fight, which makes me happy too! Come back later and see what happens on Tuesday.  Until tomorrow….

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