January 6, 2016

Wednesday - Mostly clear with some rain

A good day.

I got up this morning and did my couch thing.  I had some tea and breakfast and fell asleep on my shows.  I think I’m in January hibernation mode, even though we don’t have snow!

I noticed that it wasn’t raining outside so decided to leave as soon as I could to make a drugstore run.  I jumped on my bike and discovered that it was raining a little bit but nothing serious.  I biked to the drugstore, bought some stuff and then biked back home again.  Except, when I was in the drugstore, just about to pay, my phone rang.  I excused myself to the clerk and answered it.  F was telling me that he was finished work and would be home soon.  At noon.  I told him I would be home soon too and hung up!

On my way home I mailed off my postcards finally from the front of the museum.  

F and I had a nice little chat and then decided to go out for lunch.  I did point out we had a lot of food in the fridge, but actually I wanted to go out too!  We went to the Indian/Nepali restaurant and had their lunch special.  Today it was curry with a hard boiled egg in it.  It was quite good.  I had an oolong tea today so I didn’t have to worry about the lassi’s calories, although I’m sure the naan was more than I logged!

After lunch, we went to the shoe store for F.  He needed new shoes.  I tried on a pair of boots, but the top of the boot rubbed my leg so I didn’t buy them.  It looks like they have a few, very few “larger” sized shoes now, so I might go back if I need dressy shoes.  Thing is they probably won’t be wide enough even if they are long enough!

We went to a couple of hardware shops next because I noticed that my bike’s lock housing is broken.  I knew before, but forgot.  Anyway, I got a new lock today, I just have to figure out how to set it.  

We tried to go to the internet cafe a couple of times today as F would have appreciated the massaging chairs, but both times we tried the seats were in use.  That’s a bit odd and sad too.  We had a drink and a tasty thing in Mr Donuts and after the second attempt, went to Hard-Off to look at “stuff”.  F broke one of my wine glasses a while ago, and even though they weren’t expensive ones, I wasn’t too happy with his idea of getting more at the hundred yen shop.  That’s silly.  And kind of mean since I bought them a few years ago for our first date.  He thought he could get cheap ones at Hard-Off.  They had really, really expensive ones, some moderate ones, and some blah ones, but none that we liked.  We looked at other things, like purses and dvds, but walked out without buying anything.

For dinner tonight we went to Cafe Cinq.  It was F’s suggestion and it was nice.  We shared a bacon salad and ordered carbonara.  However, when the waitress brought over the salad, she said that the salad had most of the carbonara ingredients on it, so would we prefer to have a shrimp and mushroom cream pasta instead?  Yes, yes we would.  The salad was gorgeous and delicious, and the pasta was too.  Yum.

We came home via the grocery store after dinner.  We’re going to have a kimchi nabe tomorrow night and probably guacamole and tortilla chips on Friday.  That’s the plan at the moment! 

When we came home, F napped on the couch, while I took a bunch of meat off the chicken and froze it.  Then, I set up the slow cooker to make stock overnight.  I can’t smell anything but I am hoping that it will be working its magic in there.

I didn’t do a “proper” workout today, but I did get outside under my own power, so I sort of swapped the workout for that.  I hope to be able to do a workout tomorrow.  Come back and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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