February 14, 2016

Sunday - Rainy but warm

A good day.

I got up this morning a bit before 11. I haven’t slept in this late in days and it felt wonderful! Surprisingly for me, F gave me chocolates as soon as I got up, so I gave him the ones I bought for him! I gave him two small boxes, he gave me one medium sized one.  Yay!  Then, he left for his house.  

I was up and stayed up. I got dressed and then around 1 pm F came back.  We talked about lunch and where to go.  F suggested Kintaro sushi and it was fine with me.  We were able to get in immediately and had a few nice plates of sushi.  

After lunch, we visited the Chido Museum.  One of the halls was off limits today, but we weren’t planning to go there anyway.  Instead we went to the gallery section.  The display was artifacts from the snow country, or from around here.  There were quite a few cool things.  I like items that people have actually used and it made me think of Isabella L. Bird and her crazy trip through Japan.  They had some of the woven horse shoes that she kept complaining about, and also some of the clothing that people wore.  It was interesting anyway.  We looked for upcoming interesting art exhibits in the flyers, but didn’t see any we could get to easily.  We went and had out gander at the garden, but discovered we weren’t alone!  There was a lovely heron taking shelter from the wind.  We both got a couple of pictures of it.  

I rather like this one of F taking a picture of the heron.
It flew up in to a tree just after this.

When we finished at the museum I asked that we get a drink, so F took us over to the McDonalds on the other side of town.  Since we were there, I asked that we go to Yamaya afterwards.  We had a drink at McD’s and then made a Yamaya run.  I picked up my tortillas there, and also some vinegar for my cool cooking experiments! 

We came home for a bit when we finished in the shop. 

F was really tired and went to bed almost immediately.  He had gotten up very early last night and hadn’t gone back to bed.  I’m not sure why.  

He slept until 7:30, when I woke him up and asked if we could go for dinner.  I was getting a bit hungry. I gave him a few choices and he picked Krippa, the Nepali/Indian Restaurant nearish his doctor’s office.  We drove there, were the only customers, but had a pretty decent meal.  We had a set menu, one with Tandori chicken and curry and naan.  As usual, I cancelled my rice because I just didn’t need it.  

We went to Mina, the spiffy new grocery store in our local’s chain on the way back for a few things for tomorrow’s dinner.  I’m going to attempt to cook cod to put in with the pasta and sauces.  And some broccoli.  I’m not sure where I’m going to cook all of these, but I’ll work it out.  

We came home and I watched Downton Abbey and did a little knitting.  I’m very nearly finished the ribbing again.  Hurray for me.  

F went to bed around midnight and I’m a bit tired now.  I think I’ll be off myself too.  Good night internet peeps, good night!  Until tomorrow….

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