February 15, 2016

Monday - Rainy with a bit of snow

A good day.

I got up a little late this morning, just as F decided to come home for a minute.  Grr.  I really dislike it when he just shows up like that.  Go to work and stay there darn it.  I had to fill up the kerosene tank in the heater too, so I reminded him to buy kerosene tonight. 

He left and I settled in with breakfast and tea to watch The X-Files.  Good stuff.  I snoozed a bit and read blogs and such over the next couple of hours.  If I had known that F was not going to come home, I would have done my workout, but I didn’t.  I waited until after 1 and then did a couple of one mile walks.  Yay me.  

In the afternoon I did a few loads of laundry and took care of my computer stuff.  I also watched the movie I’d DVR’d, 10 Things I Hate About You.  I really enjoyed it.  For some reason, I had totally managed to miss it for all this time.  I was here in Japan, so maybe it didn’t come to Tsuruoka, or I was busy working, or whatever.  Anyway, I liked it.

Just before 5, I decided to walk to the post office.  I did quite quickly and bought a few stamps.  Today I picked up some Miffy-chan stamps, more of the Winnie the Pooh ones, and some 20 yen stamps.  

I came home and took a quick shower and then got started on dinner prep.  I looked up some recipes and then started working on getting them ready.  I didn’t know when F would be home, so it made prepping dinner a bit tough.  I finally decided to cook the fish in foil on the fish grill.  F came home a bit after 7 tonight and then went out for kerosene.  I sprang into action, I heated up the oven to roast some broccoli, I boiled water for pasta and to heat up the sauce, and I put the fish on when he returned.  I thought I had the timing down, but the fish didn’t cook quite on schedule.  We had our pasta and sauce, the salad and the broccoli, but F wanted to cook the cod a little more.  He put mine in the microwave and set the timer for 2 minutes.  I objected since it was nearly ready.  I made him take mine out at 20 seconds.  It was fine.  He did his for 2 minutes and I was quite upset.  I think his must have been like rubber.  He doesn’t like cod anyway, so I think he was being a jerk.  Dinner was good, but I wanted to cry.  
After dinner, I didn’t even offer to do the dishes, just got a verbal response from F that he was going to do them.  I spent time on my computer until a little after 9 pm when I took over the TV for my show and a little knitting.  I did a few rows and also put in a lifeline which I hope I won’t need. When my show finished I wrote up 4 postcards for Postcrossing, as I’ll probably have to skip next week.  

F ate a lot of junk food tonight.  He said his stomach was upset….but he had tortilla chips, ramen and a few other snacks.  I did not.  

Things are fine now and I don’t really care.  I’m trying to get over the fish thing, but I hate cooking fish because I just don’t have the experience with it.  Knowing that F doesn’t even like cod just made it worse.  Last night when we bought it, I was so hoping he’d let me buy chicken, but of course he wouldn’t do that.  Sigh.  

Tomorrow we are going to have a more junky dinner.  I’m making guacamole again, and we’ll have that with tortilla chips.  I’m thinking I’ll make them as nachos, at least that’s my idea now.  Come back a bit later and find out just what I end up doing.  Until tomorrow….

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