February 23, 2016

Tuesday - Rainy

A good day.

I got up this morning briefly.  F was here, but said he’d go over to his mother’s.  He wasn’t feeling great however.  He told me that he might go in to work anyway.

I got up again around 9 and put on the kettle.  I had some breakfast and tea and X-Files.  Today was the one with Jodie Foster as the voice of a tattoo.  It was a bit freaky really…well, aren’t they all?

I spent time on the couch, reading and catching up and wondering when I’d see my husband.  I didn’t work out and started to think that he must have gone into work, when he came home.  He had taken his mother out to an onsen and they’d had a bit of lunch.  That’s all very commendable, but why couldn’t he have called and told me? 

He came home and basically relaxed on the couch, snoozed away and took up space.  I really didn’t mind as he was on a sick day and I knew that he wasn’t feeling so great.  I had things to do myself, I got about half of my column written.  Yay me!

I finished up my yummy curry stew for lunch and went back to work.  Around 6 or so I started to get dinner ready.  I didn’t have too much to do today.  I reheated the leftover Hasselback potatoes in the toaster oven and made some chawanmushi from a Costco mix.  I set the table and prepared for our dinner.  We had more of the salmon, potatoes, cabbage salad, plus whole wheat toast to put the salmon on.  It was nice.  Simple and nice.  I fancied up the potato for F by putting a bit of cheese in the cuts. 

During dinner I came up with the crazy idea of going to karaoke if F was up for it.  He said he was, so after he did the dishes, we drove off to the Internet Cafe.  We got their last room, a very small one and for the next two hours sang a bunch of cool songs.  Sadly, there was no Elle King, but I managed to murder Adele’s Hello.  I did a couple of David Bowie songs as a tribute, I enjoyed them too.  We stopped just shy of the two hour mark and came home.  F does have to go to work tomorrow after all. 

We came home and had a bit of a relaxing evening.  I did a bit more knitting and even tried the hat on tonight.  I think it might even fit!  Fingers crossed.  I also put a lifeline in again so that I have a place to go if I drop a stitch or something.  

F set up the bread maker for the morning.  I’m so glad.  I asked him to, but thought he had forgotten.  

Tomorrow I have to work on my column again and hopefully finish it.  I’d love to get it in early for a change, since Monday is Academy Award Day, also known as the Holiest Day in the Calendar of Helen

That is it for me.  Come back later and find out what I get up to on Wednesday.  Until tomorrow…. 

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wespeakjapaneseandenglish said...

LOL about your holiest day! You will have to keep me informed. I don't even know what movies are nominated. (Except the Ghibli one--I know that one. I hope it wins.)