March 23, 2016

Wednesday - Clear and Sunny

A good day.

I got up on time this morning which was a tad surprising.  I had my usual tea and breakfast and X-Files.  I think F even made a brief appearance before running back out for a bit.  

I decided to try and start my workout early and got it started before noon.  Unfortunately, F came home for lunch just after I started the second one, so I stopped and called it a day.  I did one and it was a good one, so I was pleased.

F went back to work and I watched a bit of TV off the DVR.  I also had lunch a bit early.  There wasn’t much food to have though, that was sad.  I must buy something next time I do a shop like that.  I used up all the leftovers before we went away.  

In the afternoon I took a shower and then started on dinner.  I washed the bunches of spinach that we bought yesterday and cut it up.  

When F came home, I baked the chicken in the toaster oven and stir-fried the spinach.  I had made instant chawanmushi before he came home, so dinner came together rather fast.  We had salad, chicken, spinach with onion and garlic and the chawanmushi and it was nice. There are leftovers for lunch tomorrow too, which makes it even better!

F did the dishes and I settled in at my computer.  Later on, F asked me a bunch of questions to fill out a form for the hospital.  Some of them were fine, others were a bit stupid, but whatever.  

After F went to bed I prepared the garbage for tomorrow and then came back to my computer to talk to all of you.  Now I’m done!

I should be here tomorrow, no plans not to be, so if you’d like to, come on back in a bit and see what I’ve been up to.  Until tomorrow….

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