March 26, 2016

Saturday - Cool and windy, but very sunny

A lovely day!

I woke up this morning and took a shower.  When I had finished I dressed and was wondering if my husband would come home soon or not.  He came home in good time and we had a little breakfast before heading out to Sakata.  We stopped along the way to pick up some ice cream to go with my dessert.

We had a lovely time at my friend’s apartment.  F and her little boy played with Lego and I chatted a lot with my friend.  My friend had cooked a lovely meal for us.  We had soup, lamb, duck salad, scalloped potatoes, broccolini and it was fabulous.  My dessert was generally liked, although the little boy didn’t like it too much.  He thought it was too sour, but he did eat the ice cream so that was good!
Yummy fruit crumble

After the party, F and I made a brief stop at the Sankyo Soko Warehouses so I could get some local postcards, then we went off again to the mall.  At Mikawa we checked on the movie schedule then had dinner.  We had a set dinner at the pasta place and even shared a pizza for a change.  The pizza was a bit “meh” sad to say…it was soggy.  

We did a little shopping and I got a couple of things for my friend in Canada’s birthday and then we put them in the car.  We went to see Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice today and it was quite enjoyable.  I’ve heard a lot of bad things about it, but I didn’t mind it at all.

We came home and had a quiet time there.  I watched Project Runway and then a little of Shanghai Noon.  

I had a late night last night and an early morning today so I’m going to end this.  I’ll try and be back for a bit later on.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

I should not read your blog when I'm hungry because that fruit crumble (with ice cream!) made my stomach growl. Lol!

Batman V. Superman is getting horrible but horrible reviews here in the states. Oh, it will still make a ton of money, of course, but the reviews are really turning people off from seeing it. I do like Ben Affleck though, so I may see it anyway.

Helen said...

The fruit crumble was really good! I used frozen fruit for it too and it was nice. A little tart since I cut back quite a lot on the sugar.

I have read some of the reviews and I agree with them in a way. I think that Ben Affleck did a good job as Batman and Cavill was fine as Superman. There were a few things that I didn't like, like how loud it all was, but that I think was typical for a Zach Snyder movie.

Overall I quite liked it, but think it could/should have been shorter. 170 minutes or thereabouts is long....Also, more on Wonder Woman, or how about she gets her own film for a change??! I could go on, but think I'll stop there.