March 8, 2016

Tuesday - Cloudy with some rain

Was a good day until night.

I overslept this morning.  I didn’t turn on one set of alarms because I didn’t think I’d need them, so I woke up very late, because of my dream…which I can’t remember of course.

I got up, made breakfast and tea and spent a bit of time on the couch watching TV.  I changed the station at one point and got sucked into a movie, The Jane Austen Book Club.  

I was going to do a workout, but I correctly surmised that F would be home for lunch so put it off.  I had moved the couch already though so he moved it back!

In the afternoon, I did my workout, and then got dressed in regular clothes.  I set up the slow cooker for pulled pork and then went out.  I went to the drugstore and then to the grocery store.  After that, I went to McDonald and had a small ice cream and an iced tea.  I read a bit of my book (Alan Cumming’s Not My Father’s Son) and then left for home.  
At home, I did dishes and cleaned up the kitchen a bit.  I got a call from F saying that he was going to be late…his mother’s friend was visiting and she wanted to take them all out for ramen.  Since I had a big meal cooking at home I was quite sad about it, but knew that he would probably enjoy it a lot.

He came home around 8 and I put dinner out on the table.  It was really good.  I had buns that I bought for the meat, coleslaw, some spinach & sesame thing I bought at the store and a few other small things.  Yum!  Of course, there was tons leftover because F wasn’t terribly hungry.  

After doing the dishes, F popped out to his house to pick something up and when he came back I watched Criminal Minds.  I did some more crochet over on the couch.  It went quite well.  I think I have done 16 cm now.  It’s single crochet and quite fine, so it really is going quite well.  

When I came back from the washroom after my show, F started putting away my slow cooker.  Well, I had looked at it while he was away and decided that I needed to rewash it since there were some stains on the inside of it.  I told him to leave it alone as I had to rewash it.  I think he must have been quite surprised at that.  He started in on me about the new MyNumber card that Japan has just brought out.  It’s a bit like the SIN card in Canada but it has a lot more information on it like addresses and birthdates so it’s a bit of a tricky thing.  He wanted to go and pick up the permanent cards, I said I needed to research it first.  I’ve heard about some of the other foreign wives having problems with it and I wanted to check it first.  At that he got really upset and started talking about getting divorced and moving out of the apartment.  He was really strange.  

He said later that he was getting a bit of pressure to get the card and he doesn’t know the final date for it, but he wants me to trust him about the whole thing.  I trust him, but I don’t think he always understands the possible ramifications and I wanted to look it up and check things out for myself. 

He was talking about cancelling a trip that we’re taking later in the month and I don’t exactly know why he’s so crazy about this.  

While he took his bath I did look up some of the details about the card and it isn’t quite as bizarre as I had feared.  I’m not as trusting with my personal information as he is, and I have to give it out more than he does, so I want to be clear on the boundaries of the card.  I ended up telling him I would be okay with the card, even though I’m still a bit unsure, but he’s still upset with me.  

I’m not sure where things are now.  He isn’t talking to me and has gone to bed.  

It’s funny.  I actually thought things were going well lately, and had even started to relax a little.  I bought his White Day Present today when I was out.  And then, this.  

Hopefully it’ll all blow over soon, or else this blog is going to get an awful lot more interesting! Come back later if you dare.  I’ll more than likely be here, but if I’m not, I’ve probably run off and spent the night in a hotel.  Until tomorrow….


Anonymous said...

I hope everything is okay. I don't want the blog to get more interesting. It is interesting enough!

Helen said...

Thank you.

Orchid64 said...

I always find divorce threats kind of terrifying (my husband and I have never done that, but my parents did it *a lot*). My sister-in-law told me that her parents, who loved each other very much and were incredibly devoted to each other, also made such threats. This stunned me, but she said it was just a way of acting out on feelings and they didn't really mean it. I think my husband and I are super rare because we take it so seriously. For many (most?) people, it is just a way of saying, "I'm really upset and have to vent that by making a threat." I hope this is just F's way of saying he's really upset and that there is nothing behind it really other than unrestrained venting. I'm sorry that you have to put up with this.

Helen said...

I think I did make those kind of threats when I first got married until I read someone's story that her husband took them seriously and did divorce her. I've tried really hard not to make them since then.

I'm pretty sure that there must be something else going on with F. I have a few ideas what it might be, but I still don't think it is a good excuse for his behaviour.

Anyway, tonight should be exciting when he comes home! I hope it isn't too exciting though.