April 12, 2016

Tuesday - Sunny but cool

An okay day.

I got up on time this morning.  Unbelievable really!  Came through to the living room, had some tea and porridge for breakfast.  That was nice.  

I snoozed a bit on the couch and then got dressed and made the bed.  I was thinking about going out when F came home.  He didn’t talk to me at all.  He looked so angry that I stayed out of his way.  He left again and I could breathe.

In the afternoon I watched a bit of V for Vendetta and then turned off the TV and did a work out.  After that I got my friend’s parcel ready to go to the post office.  I’m a little late, today was her birthday so I know it is going to be late to her.

I finally walked off to the post office and mailed it off.  I hope it’ll be there in a week or less.  Fingers crossed.

I came home and took a shower.  I really needed one.  

After a bit I did the dishes in the kitchen and was just starting to cook my dinner when F came home.  It was bad timing on his part because 3 minutes before he arrived I discovered that one of my nice pans has been warped.  Since I rarely use it, and he always does to make ramen, I can guess whodunnit.  I was quite annoyed when I confronted him.  That, plus being angry about last night, and the fact that I hadn’t eaten lunch meant that things were quite nasty for a while.

I made my dinner first.  I had quinoa (my first time making and eating it), sautéed basil chicken, sautéed cabbage with a splash of sesame oil and salad.  It was good!  I think with my leftovers I’ll have a buddha bowl for lunch or something similar.

I cleaned up, but F had started making his dinner too.  The kitchen was a tad crowded and someone was a bit angry still.  The more I ate, the nicer I got and later on we did manage to be civil and even pleasant to each other.  

I watched my drama shows tonight and did some postcrossings. I wrote out 5 cards, which I hope to get into the mail tomorrow.  I’m also planning to go over to the park if I can in the afternoon.  I’d really like to see the blossoms now.  

I am not really sure what else I’ll get up to tomorrow, so why don’t you come back and find out?  Until tomorrow….

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