April 19, 2016

Tuesday - Sunny and rainy

An okay day.

I got up early this morning, I really did.  I didn’t think I would stay up, but I did.  Yay.  I had breakfast and tea and major couch time.  Finally, I got dressed and in my workout gear.  

I had a feeling that F would come home for his lunch and he did.  We had words over nothing.  I sometimes think he purposefully misunderstands me to avoid conversations.  

After he left I did a workout and it was hard!  I went back to my more difficult DVD and used the plastic band so my arms were in on the action.  Yay me.

I had lunch, which today was some of F’s French Bread and cucumber slices.  Yum.  It was so good.  I had cucumber sandwiches and then cucumber and cheese sandwiches.  I was in heaven, honestly!

I did some computer stuff and then went and took a shower.  When I came through again, I got started in the kitchen.  I had a bit of stuff to clean up.  I decided that dinner was going to be leftovers from yesterday and a salad.  When F came home he was in a better mood.  I had texted him and told him I loved his bread which I am guessing helped him a bit!

When F came home I started cooking.  We had lemon pepper chicken, onion salad, reheated Hasselback potatoes and baby carrots.  At the last moment I decided to put some soup out as well.  I had a can of spicy parsnip soup in the cupboard and wanted to try it.  It was good!

Dinner was quite nice.  I ended up doing the dishes because I was getting tired of F leaving them for hours and because he was very tired.  

After dishes, I did a bit of Postcrossing, plus some crochet during Criminal Minds.  My shawl is looking quite good.  I like it anyway.  F fell asleep on the couch after I left it and didn’t go to bed until a few minutes ago.  

I’m not completely sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow.  I’m hoping to get a hair cut, but if the weather is bad I might just stay home.  Come back soon and find out!  Until tomorrow….

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