April 21, 2016

Thursday - Cloudy and rainy

A good day.

I got up early today and stayed up.  Hurray for me.  I had breakfast and tea again.  The last few days I have been microwaving my cereal and yogurt in the morning and it adds a nice little touch.  It is quite delish! 

I did an early workout this morning and was done by the time F came home for lunch.  Yay me.  It was nice to see him today and he went back to work without incident.  The only thing was that Demolition Man, the old Stallone/Snipes movie was on and I ended up watching that instead of stuff from the DVR.  I had planned to go out, but didn’t.  

In the afternoon I had my lunch and then later on started to clean up the kitchen.  There was a lot to do today as F had left his dishes in the sink.  Not impressed!

For dinner tonight we had ginger pork, a stir-fry with broccolini and mushrooms, some chawanmushi from a mix and salad.  It was all quite nice.  I didn’t do the dishes tonight.  I decided I wasn’t going to be suckered into it again!

F hasn’t been doing too well. He was complaining about his body hurting all over.  That happens a lot this time of year with the changeable weather.  

I hung out on the couch for an hour of crochet and then went back to my corner and did more postcards.  I wrote up 4 postcards today for a total of 7 this week.  Pretty good I thought.  

Tomorrow I have a few things I need to do.  I’ll have to scan and send my cards, I hope to get a start on my next column and even thought I doubt it’ll happen, I really would like to get out of the apartment for a cup of tea! I could go shopping of course.  That might be fun.  Well, you never know.  Come back in a bit and find out what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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