April 9, 2016

Saturday - Sunny and warm-Gorgeous!

A good day.

I got up this morning around 9.  I dragged myself out of bed and decided to take a shower.  It’s a good thing as F came home rather early today.  After my shower I made tea and we sketched out the day.

We had a lovely lunch at Naa, the Farmer’s restaurant that F likes so much.  The only bad thing about the restaurant was the smell outside.  They were spreading manure, before planting starts, I think.  Yuck.  I told F that was one smell I didn’t miss from the farm at all!

After our nice lunch, we came home briefly and then headed out to the dentist.  I had another cleaning/teeth check and then was sent on my way until June.  I’m glad I get a break because F and I had decided that I wasn’t going to go back for a while.  I don’t really need to be constantly taught how to brush my teeth.  I’m a grown woman.  I appreciate knowing where to improve, but it doesn’t take 3 visits or more to learn.  

We went home and then the two of us walked to the park.  The cherry blossoms have started and it was a lovely day.  On the way to the park we met F’s niece and her husband and said hello to them.  We had a lovely walk around the park.  It wasn’t too busy there yet as the cherry blossoms are just coming into bloom.  If the weather holds, they’ll be beautiful soon.

This wasn't at the park, this was in our parking area!

We walked home again and then drove to S-Mall and had a drink at Doutor.  We haven’t been for a couple of weeks.  It was a nice break.  We needed a few things from a drugstore, so we went to one near the mall.  While we were there, F suggested going to Shonai-Machi to a nice restaurant there.  I was afraid that it was closed in the evenings, but said we could try it.  We went there and of course it was closed.  He never believes me.  Sigh.

We tried another couple of places, but didn’t have much luck.  We ended up at a diner kind of place in Shonai-Machi.  I had pasta and F had a curry plate meal with fries and a drink.  Mine wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either!

Following our dinner, we zoomed back into Tsuruoka and went to the theatre.  We went to see Unbroken, which was mostly F’s choice tonight.  It was the true story of an Olympic athlete who was captured by the Japanese and subjected to really brutal treatment in the prisoner of war camp.  The film was directed by Angelina Jolie.  I thought it was a good movie, I just didn’t think it was a fun movie to watch and I’m not sure it was really a good choice to see together!  I’m not sure who the movie is for, but I don’t really like war movies.  Of all the types of movies that I like, true war movies…not one of them.  

After the movie, F wanted yakitori, so we drove around a bit trying to find some.  Then, we went to the grocery store and got a package for him.  We came home, he heated it up and then we ate some of it.  I only had a little as I wasn’t very hungry.  

F went to bed quite soon and I finished watching Penny Dreadful and then Project Runway. It’s late again and I’m tired, so I’ll likely end this, post it and get some sleep.  

Saturday was brilliant, what will Sunday be like?  Come back tomorrow and find out!  Until tomorrow….


Ryo Hazuki said...

'Captured by the Japanese' is the same sort of unfortunate language from the 1940s that demonised all Japanese in the Western world: 'The Japanese this, the Japanese that...'

I mean that's aside from the fact that the story is heavily fabricated and then embellished by Jolie.

I've enjoyed your blog for a few years but it always seems that white people in Japan in the end at some point, express this kind of prejudice that is painful to read.

I won't read here anymore. Goodbye and be well.

Helen said...

I probably should have specified that he was captured by the Japanese army (or navy since it was at sea), but really?

I haven't done any research on this film, I haven't read the book, so couldn't tell you how true it was.

Goodbye then.