April 30, 2016

Saturday - Sunny and then rainy

A good day.

I got up this morning, got dressed, and a few minutes later went out with F.  I had an appointment and it went okay.  Did have a bit of a argument with the mister today though.  I said that if we’re asked to be there at 10:00 am and we aren’t seen to until after 11:00 that I would like to look for a different professional, who doesn’t waste my time.  F said that that the said professional is busy.  Well…so am I.  My time is valuable to ME!  In the days of my school, I charged money for my time and I had to be on time for my appointments.  

Anyway.  Afterwards, F took us to lunch.  He used an app on his phone and took us to a Japanese restaurant which was frequented by local workers. It was one of those places that isn’t very good, with an old and shabby look to it.  I didn’t like it, hope he doesn’t take me back there.  I’m getting tired of being taken out for bad Japanese food.  

I was really Jonesing for some tea, but F wanted to go up a mountain.  I begged off.  I was tired, not wearing warm clothes and was wearing new shoes.  All things that would make it difficult to go walking on a mountain.   Instead, we visited a road-stop but didn’t buy anything, not even ice cream! We tried to go to a coffee shop, but it was still on lunch time and didn’t want our business.  We ended up going shopping!  

We went to a store that sells large sizes and I ended up getting a couple of shirts.  One was really on sale and the other was very nice so worth it really.  F was actually being quite helpful and was bringing me things to try on that I wanted to try on!  

We had tea and a doughnut at Mister Donut and then came home for a bit.  I went to bed and slept for a couple of hours.  

When I got up again, we talked about going for a movie but decided not to.  Instead, F suggested dinner and then the Internet Cafe.  That was fine with me.  

We went to Aliante, the yakiniku shop and had yakiniku.  It was okay, not the best ever.  After that, we went over to the Internet Cafe.  We were able to get massaging chairs right away, and stayed there for the next 4 hours.  F went to sleep, but I did a lot of crochet and watched a bit of regular TV.  We left just after midnight and came home.

At home we watched a bit of TV and now that it’s quite late, I’m thinking about getting some sleep.  I’m not sure what is on the agenda for tomorrow.  F would like to go fishing, but the weather is supposed to be quite bad.  I’m okay to go, I just want to enjoy our week together. Come back later and find out what happens on my Sunday.  Until tomorrow….

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