May 10, 2016

Tuesday - Warm, rainy in the evening

An okay day.

I got up early again and came through to the living room.  I watched Murder She Wrote and Tess Harper was on it.  I didn’t think much about it.  I have brekkie and tea, did my usual stuff.  I started my workout before noon.  I finished and F came in while the DVD’s credits were going!  Good timing or what?

After he left I got on with stuff.  I had lunch, scanned my cards and watched a few things on the DVR.  I’m trying to clear some of the stuff off.  I have a lot of Once Upon a Time on there and I should catch up with it.  

After 5 pm I went for a walk to the post office.  It was raining at the time, so I took my umbrella and walked rather fast on the way there and back.

When I got home I did the dishes and then started making my guacamole. I usually follow Simply Recipes' recipe as it is quite good.

F came home and a few minutes later we had dinner.  We just had tortilla chips and guacamole then our neighbour stopped by with some fish that they’d just caught today.  F made sashimi out of some of it so we had that too.  

F watched a lot of Japanese TV tonight so I took myself off to the tatami room to work on my purse a little.  Tonight I cut out the lining, pressed the folds into it and then later, while watching Criminal Minds, started sewing the lining into the purse.  I have to do all the sewing by hand so it is a little slow going.  Still, I’m about halfway around it.  I still have to cut the plastic canvas to provide the stiffening for it.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get out of the apartment for a bit, but the weather might not co-operate.  It looks like we are in a bad weather system.  Please take our bad weather and send it to Fort McMurray where they really need rain.   

Oh, yeah, and I meant to say that the episode of Criminal Minds that was on tonight had Tess Harper in it.  She was much older in tonight’s episode, but it was kind of cool to see her twice in one day!

Come back in a bit and find out all about my exciting Wednesday!  Until tomorrow….

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