May 17, 2016

Tuesday - Cloudy and cool

A good day.

I got up rather early this morning, for me!  My husband never believes me when I say I get up early.  I took a shower and then watched Murder She Wrote.  It wasn’t a great episode, but it did have a few actors that I know from other TV programmes or movies now.  

Around 11 am I went outside to wait for a friend who was picking me up.  She had invited me to her apartment to do a little crochet.  We had a spot of trouble finding each other, but happily we soon connected and were off.  We stopped by S-Mall first to get some food, me at Subway, her at the grocery store.  We went back to her apartment then.  Over tea and chatting we worked on some crafting.  I managed to do a bit on my shawl and I helped her make a granny square.  It was rather fun.  

A little before 4 she drove me to S-Mall again and we said goodbye.  I had had a great time and wasn’t ready to go home yet!  I bought a few things in the hundred yen shop and then went to Doutor and had an iced tea.  F phoned me to say he was finished work and I asked him if he’d like to join me.  He came after a few minutes and had a Royal Milk Tea I think.  He drove me home when we finished and then went on to visit his mother.

I came into the apartment and started to make a move on dinner.  I did the few dishes that were there and then started to heat things up and set the table.  We had leftovers from last night, plus some broccoli that I cooked tonight.  It was all quite nice.  

I did the dishes tonight because I hadn’t really had to work very hard on dinner today and F was engrossed in a volleyball game.  

In the evening I went over to the couch to watch Criminal Minds.  It was the intro to the Gary Sinese spin-off so was interesting.  I actually managed to finish my shawl too.  I’ll try and take a picture or two tomorrow.  It looks very nice, if I may say so myself!

F went to bed a little while ago and I need to get some sleep too.  Tomorrow I’m not completely sure what I’ll get up to.  I would like to start the blocking on my shawl and I still need to pack a few things in my suitcase!  Come back later and find out what I manage to get done.  Until tomorrow....

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