June 10, 2016

Friday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I got up at my usual time this morning, a little before 9:00.  I had tea and breakfast too and watched the two Castle episodes that were on.  F came home in the middle of the second one.  I took a shower and we talked about going for lunch.

We went to the post office first so I could mail off some cards and buy new stamps.  After that, we went to Pisolino, the Italian buffet place.  It wasn’t very busy, so we got a nice corner of the restaurant and then proceeded to eat too much.  It was nice food for the most part, but really, neither of us needed as much as we had.  

We decided to come home after lunch.  F took a nap, I messed around on my computer for a while.  Around 6 pm he roused himself and then went off to his party.  

I almost took a nap, but didn’t.  I was on the bed for a while but I didn’t sleep, I did some reading.  Yay me.  I made my dinner and then decided that I’d watch a couple of episodes of Once Upon a Time off the DVR, and that’s what I did.  Dinner was mostly leftovers from a few night’s ago and was nice. Once Upon a Time was fun and I’m quite enjoying watching it like this.  I’m not exactly binge watching it, but I quite like seeing 3 episodes in a week.  

I watched the new-to-me Castle at 9:00pm and did a little computer stuff. At 10:00 I went over to the couch and did what I hope will be the last motif in the project I’ve been working on for my sister.  F came home in the middle of me doing that.  He’d had a good time out with his colleagues. 

I darned in all the remaining ends in my project.  Now I have to decide on an edging for it. Or block it first.  I’m not sure what would be best!

From reading through Facebook there is some sad news for hockey fans today as Gordie Howe has died.  I'm afraid I don't really follow hockey, I never did, but he was one of the best.  I tried to explain him to my husband by saying he was the Wayne Gretzky before Wayne Gretzky, but F had no idea who Wayne Gretzky was either. I only ever heard good things about Gordie Howe, so I just thought I'd mention his final leaving the ice.  

F and I spent a bit of time together before he decided to go to bed.  I reminded him that he might want to change out of his jeans and polo-shirt before he went to bed!  

That’s about it for today.  Tomorrow I’m not sure about the morning.  We’ll likely go to a movie in the evening and I hope do a little bit of shopping or something.  Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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