June 17, 2016

Friday - Hot, sunny and rainy

A good day.

I overslept a tad too this morning.  Tsk, tsk.  I think my alarm isn’t working that well. I’m not sure what is going on with it in all honesty.  Or, I’m sleeping through it.  

I got up, watched Castle and had some oatmeal with coconut milk in it. Yum.  I didn’t take a nap this morning.  I did have a relaxing time of it though.  

F came home for lunch and I was watching last night’s Bones.  I enjoyed it quite a bit.  F tried to give me some food, but I didn’t want it.  

After he left, I turned off the TV after a while, scanned my cards and eventually had a late lunch.  I had thought about going out for it, but then remembered there was some food in the fridge, so I had that.  It was good.  I basically just had a couple of open faced sandwiches, but that was nice too.  

I walked to the post office and posted my cards.  I only sent three today, but that makes 11 for the week which isn’t bad at all.  I got a bunch in the mail today too, including a great Gotochi card from a person in Tokyo.  It was one I didn’t have too, so that was even better!

F came home and I started to put dinner on the table.  I made some quinoa to go with the stew and reheated the stew.  We had a nice dinner, but he was quite late when he got home, so that put everything else late.

F wanted to go for a walk, at least he asked me early tonight.  I was feeling quite a bit better today, except when I bend over, so said that I’d like to go out.  The weather is really changeable now that it is the rainy season and my weather app said we had a 40% chance of rain so I was a tad nervous, but… off we went.

We had a nice walk and on the home stretch took a little break at McDonalds.  I was good and only had an ice tea, F had a Flurry.  He did give me a taste, so I wasn’t that good! 

We came home again and settled in for the night.  F made himself some ramen and I had a cup of tea that was nice.  F is off sleeping now, and I should be running along soon too.  

Tomorrow will be quite busy early on I think.  F has a doctor’s appointment, he’s going to take me to see a doctor after he’s done if there is time and then in the afternoon I have a dentist’s appointment.  Ack! If all goes well, we’ll hopefully see a movie in the evening as The Danish Girl is playing in town.  

So, as usual, I invite you to come back later and find out what I get up to!  Until tomorrow….

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