June 20, 2016

Monday - Hot and sunny

An okay but sad day.

I got up early this morning and one of the first things I saw was a post on my sister’s feed on Facebook.  She had posted a picture of Anton Yeltsin with RIP written above it.  I investigated and found out that this young actor, whose work I enjoyed, had died in what seems to be a strange accident with his car.  I’ve seen quite a few of his movies and TV shows and I always liked his work. 

I watched Castle and also made some oatmeal for myself.  F popped home for a few minutes, then left again.  I ended up taking a nap for a short while but roused myself and made the bed and got dressed.

F came home for lunch, but I had also started to do some laundry.  I ended up doing a couple of loads, all I had room for basically.  It went well, except I have a terrible time getting food stains out of my clothes.

In the late afternoon I had some lunch and then started to get ready for dinner.  I marinated some chicken and was just starting on the swiss chard when F came home from work.  He was a tad late as he’d gone to the doctor’s office today.  

It seemed to take a while to get dinner ready, but then it was ready all at once.  Yay!  We had swiss chard, lemon pepper chicken, salad with tomatoes and cucumber sticks and some yuzu miso.  That was very nice.  

F did the dishes afterwards and asked me to go out for a walk tonight.  I was fine with going, since I hadn’t really done anything exercise wise all day. 

We went for quite a long walk.  It was well over 2 miles long (although Japan is metric, the app I use on my phone is from the US and it gives the distance in miles.) We did make a couple of detours though.  F wanted to visit the drugstore briefly, and I wanted to visit a convenience store to get a chocomint ice cream bar.  Yum!  

We made it home safely and I did a few postcrossings.  I also sent a bit of email and dealt with something in an on-line group.  And that’s about it.  It was a fairly decent day, just sad that a young man with a lot of talent died.  But, then again, this has been a strange week with too many young people dying for no reason at all. 

Come back later.  I hope I won’t be so dejected and that I’ll have something interesting to update this blog on.  A person can dream anyway!  Until tomorrow….


wespeakjapaneseandenglish said...

I always enjoy hearing about the TV shows you are watching. You are much more knowledgeable about TV and film than I am..... I am more than five years behind everybody else in TV viewing. I hear about these TV programs on the internet, but don't/can't watch them!

Helen said...

Ah well, I'm madly in love with Nathan Fillion, he's the star of Castle. He's also from my hometown so I feel like I have to support him too :-)

We have WOWOW, but I watch a lot of D-Life too. The ads are bad on that one (too many, too much dieting stuff) but I DVR and fast forward from them or ignore them!

I do watch a lot of movies, but then I have to keep up for my column :-)

Thanks for visiting.

Rosa said...

It's always sad when someone dies so young, isn't it? I wasn't familiar with much of Yeltsin's work, but I did find the small part he played in the Star Trek reboot to be charming.

I hear you on getting food stains out of clothes! I sometimes use dishwashing liquid on greasy stains. It seems to help. But tomato sauce? Ugh, the worst. Someone told me that hydrogen peroxide will take out just about anything, but I haven't tried it yet.

Helen said...

It is sad when someone young dies, true enough. He's been around for quite a while. He's got more than 60 entries on IMDb, which is quite a lot for someone so young.

I've tried the dishwashing liquid thing, but even it doesn't work that well. I've basically told my family not to send me any plain shirts...only patterned ones so the stains are a little camouflaged! Peroxide is a bit scary though. It damages the clothes I think...it did horrible things to my hair in the 80's! LOL.

Thanks for visiting!