June 26, 2016

Sunday - Muggy and rainy

A good day.

I got up this morning just after F came home from taking his mother out.  We ended up going back to bed for a nap.  F had wanted to go for lunch, but I wasn’t really hungry, so didn’t care right then.  

We didn’t really move until almost 4:30. I insisted that we have “lunch” so we went to Subway for a couple of Spicy Chicken Filet sandwiches and potatoes. After that, we ran a few errands.

F wanted to buy some soil for his garden at his mother’s house, so we went to a hardware store with a garden centre for it.  No problem.  We went to one near Yamaya, the store that has a foreign food section, so of course, I wanted to go to Yamaya. 

We got a few things there, nothing too special really.  I picked up another packet of tortillas.  Their price is really good compared to other import stores.  I also bought a large bottle of diet soda and some feta cheese.  Yummy, yummy.  

F asked if I’d like to have a massage.  I knew that he wasn’t doing well, so said it was fine.  We went home first, and dropped off me and the food.  F went to his mother’s house and then came back.  While he’d been gone, I had attempted to look up the massage place on line to check its hours, but the website was down.  I got F to phone and he was able to book us both in tonight.  

We had a little time to wait at home, so we relaxed, and then at 8 pm we drove over to the massage place.  We both had to change and had different courses for a change.  I had reflexology and F had a back massage.  The last time I went, I really enjoyed the foot part of it, but when I had to lie on my stomach for the back massage part, I found that my nose plugged up so much I couldn’t breathe.  It wasn’t fun having to breathe through my mouth for so long.  

The reflexology was very nice and at the end she massaged my hands too, up to my elbows.  I enjoyed that quite a bit.  When our time was up, we both changed back to our clothes, paid, and left.  

My original wish for dinner had been Indian food, but it was late.  I didn’t think we should eat such a big meal so late at night…it was after 9:00 pm after all.  Instead we went to Coco Ichibanya, the curry place.  We each had a different kind of curry, and were well pleased with our meal.  I had chicken and vegetable curry with scrambled egg, F had the handmade pork cutlet.  I gave him a whack of my rice too because I didn’t want it and he did.

We bought a few groceries too tonight.  I am going to try chicken fajitas in the slow cooker tomorrow.  I’m a little nervous, but I hope it’ll work.  I know it won’t be as good as the ones I make in the frypan, but I doubt F will notice anyway!

That’s about it for me.  Tomorrow I hope to get started on my latest column.  The deadline is Friday and I’d really like to get it done soon.  Come back in a while and see what happens with my Monday.  Until tomorrow….


Anonymous said...

Yutaka gets a professional massage every Sunday night...He feels he has earned it!

In America, Japanese massages are considered "sexual" massages, so my mom was like What? But we took her to the massage place here in Japan and she saw how professional it is, and she got a foot massage.

Helen said...

It was very professional, and not sexual at all! I had never heard that before! I've heard about shenanigans in other countries, but I have no experience with any of that.

Thanks for commenting!

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

That sounds like the perfect Sunday!

Helen said...

It was a good day, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah! My cousins' wordly friend (half American half French) had them convinced that all Japanese massages were of the erotic sort. I guess in Texas the dodgy massages are Oriental? Not really sure!!!!!!!

Helen said...

I have the feeling your cousin's friend had either read too much manga or had confused Japan with another Asian country!