June 29, 2016

Wednesday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I got up exactly on time this morning and made my breakfast again.  I had porridge again, but this time the porridge got a little excited.  I usually make it in the microwave.  Well, today, I set it off and then when the time was up, I opened up the door to stir my gloopy mixture.  What I found was a bowl with porridge all down the sides of the bowl and a mess on the plastic turntable tray.  Happily, it was easy to clean up, but a bit sad too.  

I had a quiet morning, I did get dressed and made the bed early again.  I need to keep doing that, although I’m not sure that I will.  F came home but he hadn’t really gone to work.  He had taken his mother to the doctor.  With the weather getting warmer, she unfortunately hadn’t been taking good care of herself and was a bit dehydrated.  She had to get a drip at the doctor and after F ate he went back and picked her up and took her home.  

I worked on my column today and got it done.  I had a few distractions, so tomorrow I’ll read over it again, check grammar and details, maybe add a little something if I still want and then I’ll send it off.  Yay.  I could write about more movies too I suppose.

A little after 4 I ran off to the post office to mail a birthday card to a friend and ended up buying some stamps too. I came home again, but enjoyed going out and getting a little sun.

I waited for F to come home again so that we could go and eat something, but around 5 pm just decided to eat anyway.  Of course, he came home just as I was ready to eat and “stole” my spot on the couch to eat my food!  Grr.  After I ate I suggested that we go and have a drink at Doutor.  

We went to the mall and had our drink.  I had a soy milk tea, F had a coffee float.  After that, we did a quick tour of the hundred yen shop and then went home for a minute.  F went in the apartment, I waited outside.  

We had dinner at one of the Indian restaurants.  It was quite good, but not great.  We both had combo meals, but different curries.  I had chicken, F had pork.  During the meal, I remembered that we should have a flashlight, so we made one more quick trip home to pick some up.

Then, we went to see the fireflies.  We drove out to Yutagawa town and parked in the field.  We got out and walked along the path.  We were the only people at first.  We did see a few fireflies, but sadly not that many.  Other people came, but they didn’t stay very long at all.  After a while, we left too.  The fireflies are so amazing, I really hope that we just came on a slow night for them.

We bought a few groceries back in Tsuruoka, then came home again.  F went to bed after a while.  I did a little crochet and then came back to my computer.  That’s really about it for my day.

Tomorrow of course I must finish up my column and send it in, then I hope to go and run a few errands.  I’ll also be cooking dinner and no doubt a few other things!  Come back in a bit and find out all about my day.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

I really envy you getting to go out and look at the fireflies. I have never, in all my years, seen one. Someday...

I'll bet the mosquitoes love all the traffic, though!

Helen said...

The fireflies were beautiful, but there weren't as many in other years. If you ever come back to Japan at the right time of year, I'll take you to see them, if they are still there.

We used insect repellent bracelets last night, so no problems with mosquitoes though. I was a bit surprised but they seemed to work!

Thank you for visiting as always :-)