July 27, 2016

Wednesday - Rainy and very humid

An okay day.

I overslept AGAIN.  Yikes.  I have no idea why.  I am blaming the hot weather. It is so draining, although I feel much better this year than I usually do.  No idea.  

I got up, had breakfast and tea, then did all my morning things in case F came home for lunch.  He did.  He was tired and told me that he’d take off some time tomorrow afternoon so that he could go to City Hall with me and take care of some tax stuff.  Yay him! Except it isn’t for me, it is for him and his work. 

He went back to work and I got on with my day.  I had lunch fairly early for a change…some of my leftover curry and quinoa.  Yum!  The only bad point about it is that the canned tomato in it causing my itchy skin allergy again.  Boo. I watched an episode of Once Upon a Time and enjoyed it.  I scanned my postcards and then ran them over to the post office.  Okay, not “ran” technically, but I did fast walk them over.

I came home again, washed the day’s dishes and then F came home soon after.

We discussed dinner and he wanted to go out and have ramen.  I didn’t.  I finally suggested a place that he could get ramen and I could get not ramen.  I got curry instead which I could have just had at home with not as many calories and I would have preferred.  But…

We came home afterwards and I did a little bit of Moderating on one of my groups before getting ready for walking.

We went out again tonight and it wasn’t bad.  F still stops too many times for me, but he didn’t do it too often tonight.  We had a pretty good walk.  He did mention tonight how he doesn’t have to slow down much for me.  Snort.  Thing is, these days, I have to slow down for him when he takes pictures.  I do ask him to start more slowly than he wants to so we can warm up and I also try to do a cool down pace at the end, but he’s kind of a one speed person!

Came home and watched some TV and then gave him the remotes.  Watched Grey’s Anatomy tonight and quite enjoyed it.  I am wondering what is going on with the characters, but I always wonder that!

So, that was my day.  It wasn’t bad at all really.  Tomorrow I hope to get a few things done in the morning before F comes home.  Once he’s home, I won’t get much peace and quiet.  

Come back in a bit for the next update.  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

I'm having the same trouble sleeping recently and can't figure out why. Maybe the planets are out of alignment? Anyway, it's frustrating.

Dave and I have a similar struggle when we try to walk together. He's so tall that with his long legs, he outdistances me easily. When I ask him to slow down, he walks mutely besides me. I need a walking companion who goes at my pace and likes to chat! *Sigh*

Helen said...

Last night I couldn't sleep because I drank much too much coffee. It wasn't fun lying in bed at 4:30 thinking should I get up or keep trying to fall asleep! I knew there was a reason I didn't drink coffee for a long time.

F is quite a bit taller than me, I'm rather short, so it is hard to keep up. He isn't much of a chatter either...which is sad, because that is one of the things I like doing when I walk. Well, either that or listen to music, which I don't do because it's a bit rude to wear headphones when walking with someone else!