July 6, 2016

Wednesday - Rainy, so rainy

A good day.

I got up this morning on time and took a shower.  As I was getting dressed, I heard F come home for a minute.  He had left his cellphone at home this morning and had come to pick it up.  Luckily for him, I had found it and put it somewhere he could see it.  He left again.

I had a putz-y morning.  I had breakfast and tea, I made the bed, and I found some clothes to wear.  My friend arrived a few minutes after noon and we went for lunch.

We went to Cafe Cinq and had the Miyuki-bashi plate which was lovely.  It was grilled chicken, cold potato soup, salad, tuna and cabbage and potato salad.  Very nice.  We had a great chat as we always do, and after a while decided to go over to S-Mall and talk a bit more in the Doutors.  

At Doutors, we each had a treat and I had an iced Royal Soy Milk Tea.  We chatted more, about a project that both of us have been working on, and want to work on a bit more.  
Sadly, our time was up around 3 pm and she drove me home.  I would have walked, but it was raining very hard today.  

At home I did a few things on my computer and also scanned my postcards.  I had the three I was sending from last night, and I also caught up with the ones I had received recently.  Whew!

F came home a little early tonight I think, and relaxed for a while.  We talked about places to go for dinner and ended up at Nagomi, the udon and soba restaurant we both like.  We had a tempura/udon set.  It was lovely, but too much food for both of us.  Sigh. 

We bought groceries at PAL tonight.  I got a few vegetables, but I’m going to try and use up some of what I already have in the apartment too.  I should try and empty out the stuff in the freezer I think! 

It was nice to have F around tonight.  He was tired and went to bed fairly early, but not as early as yesterday.  I also watched the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy which was pretty good. I tried to stop watching it a few years ago, but I couldn’t.  It’s silly, but I like a lot of the characters, what can I say.  

And that’s about it.  Tomorrow I have to get back to cleaning up the kitchen and my normal humdrum life.  Come back in a bit to find out all of the fabulous details of my life!  Until tomorrow….

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