June 30, 2016

Thursday - Rainy and humid

A goodish day.

My day got off to a fairly bad start to be honest.  When I woke up this morning F was gone, but the garbage that I had carefully put by the door for him to take out with him wasn’t.  That meant I had to do it.  Normally it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but I hadn’t slept well at all last night and needed to get more sleep.  I got dressed, walked the garbage to the gomi station and then came home again and went back to bed.  I changed my wake up time too so that I would get a bit more sleep.

I woke up around 10, got up, and had breakfast.  I had DVR’d Castle and watched it later.  I did some laundry, hung up a bunch to dry and of course, took other stuff down first.  I left some of it on the couch and took a nap.  I woke up about 3 minutes before F came home.  In fact, I heard his car drive into the parking lot and hurriedly threw on some clothes.  

He had a quick lunch and was off again.  I finally got stuck into my column and by gum, I got it done!  Whew!  I sent it off to the editor around 4 pm today.  Is it perfect? Probably not, but it’s quite good and I feel happy with it.  Yay.

I had a late lunch and cleaned up some of the dishes in the kitchen.  There wasn’t too many to do.  I was starting to get dinner under way when F called me.  After a while, he came home and I kicked dinner into a higher gear.  We were just having spaghetti and shrimp, but I tried cooking the  shrimp first, then heating up the sauce, adding the pasta to that and then throwing the Shrimp in on top.  It worked quite well and I was happy with it. 

After dinner, F and I decided to go for a walk.  He went outside and came back again with the news that it was raining.  We still decided to go.  We both took umbrellas and off we went.  The rain stopped after a few minutes so we were able to put down our umbrellas and walk a little faster.  We were going to go home when I suggested walking a little further to the McDonalds for a drink.

We got to McDonalds and of course I decided I wanted an ice cream cone and F did too.  We each had one, plus a drink. It was very nice to sit inside and chat for a bit.  We came home again.

I watched a bit of TV and F took his bath and then went to bed.  I watched the documentary that I’ve been following and then turned off the TV for my update.  

I was so angry in the morning, it was a bit crazy.  I know that F just either didn’t see the bag of garbage there or forgot about it.  He’s had a lot on his mind lately, but it felt like he left it on purpose.  

Tomorrow I need to catch up on some of the things that I let slide this week while I worked on my column.  I didn’t run my errands today, so maybe I’ll get out of the apartment in the daytime if the weather is willing.  Come back later and see how I get on.  Until tomorrow…. 


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

I stopped in at Mac for one of their hyuganatsu cheesecake flurries on Friday afternoon and was disappointed to hear that their ice cream machine was on the blink. No ice cream available on a 32 degree day! This flavor is really yummy. Sometimes they have strange flavors, but this one is right on the money. Yum!

Helen said...

Oh no! Too bad that it was broken. I don't think we've hit 32 yet, but it is getting closer.

It's funny, we don't have hyuganatsu flavour at McDonald here...it's Shikwasa...an Okinawa orange flavour. I haven't tried it, but it sounds good.

Thanks for visiting :-)