August 10, 2016

Wednesday - Hot and Sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning, a few minutes late, but nothing bad.  I had breakfast and tea, watched my Once Upon a Time of course.  I had quite a nice, relaxing morning for the most part.  

Around 12:20 or so, F came home for lunch.  He wasn’t happy exactly, but he wasn’t as grumpy as he has been lately.  We chatted a bit and he ate, then went back to work.

I did a few things after that.  I did my computer stuff that I do every day, and also scanned my cards.  Oh, and this is kind of big…I cleaned up a little around my printer.  I haven’t found a home for everything yet, but I definitely improved things.  I must do more though.  

I went out after 4.  First to the post office to get more stamps and mail off my postcards, then back home briefly to pump up my bicycle tyres. After that, I rode off to the craft shop again, where I almost bought myself more yarn but didn’t. I followed that with a trip around the drugstore next door.  I bought a couple of things and then just came home.  I had thought about going to the McDonalds for a drink or snack, since I had skipped lunch, but decided not to do it.

I got home and decided to have a quick late lunch. I had a couple of fold-over sandwiches and some salad.  I was just finishing up when F came home.  He didn’t talk much to me and I tried to let him know that this was my lunch, not dinner.

He went to the kitchen to make his dinner after I finished, but I suggested going out instead.  His idea was to walk to the yakitori shop we both like and have that for dinner.  We ended up doing that.

It was a nice walk and I was surprised that the restaurant was open.  Lately it hasn’t been open when we’ve gone by.  We had some nice yakitori, but F sat near a guy who proceeded to monopolize him the whole time we were there.  I didn’t mind too much, but it wasn’t the nice dinner I had envisioned.  Finally F asked if we could leave, so we set off again.  I wanted a drink to be honest, and some salad or some veggies, so we went to another izakaya nearby.  We ordered an omelette with pork in it, a salad and some nankotsu too.  I had a cassis soda, which was very nice. 

We ate and drank, then came home again.  I let F watch some Olympics stuff, then I put on Grey’s Anatomy and watched that.  I did some crochet, but will have to rip it out as I did it wrong.  The instructions weren’t that clear.  

At midnight, F watched more Olympics and then snoozed.  Around 1 I asked him if he’d like to go outside and see if we could see any meteors.  We were out for a good 30 minutes or so.  I didn’t really see any tonight. F thinks he saw one, but we couldn’t find a good place to look at the sky near our apartment. We probably should have gone to the park or something.  

We’re back home again and things have been friendly and fine tonight.  It is very late and we are both still up, but tomorrow is a new national holiday.  It’s Mountain Day or something.  Woop!

Come back a bit later and find out about my next day.  Until tomorrow….

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