August 11, 2016

Thursday - Hot and Sunny

Mountain Day - A good day!

We went to bed terribly late last night, or this morning because of going out and going out to see the stars.  So, we slept in quite late this morning. I actually woke up around 7 and decided that I’d take the garbage out and let F sleep.  He did wake up, but I think was impressed that I didn’t make him do it!

I walked to the gomi station and back.  It was already quite hot, but gorgeous outside.  I came back inside, washed my hands, changed back into my PJs and went back to sleep.

I got up a bit later, around 10 or 11 I think.  I took a shower and then F wanted to go out for lunch.  We didn’t really have any plans so he suggested going to Jiro.  Unfortunately, they were closed when we got there, so we went to Gusto instead.  It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible either.  I liked the drink bar, I drank a few things.

After lunch, we went to the glasses shop and asked them to make my glasses a bit smaller.  My face must have become thinner again as my glasses are sliding off my nose when I’m cooking in the kitchen.  The man did, by bending the ear-bits.  That wasn’t really what I wanted, but they’ll do for now.

I had hoped to go to karaoke, but F didn’t really want to.  He would have gone for me, but it isn’t fun unless we are both into it.  Instead, we came home and I did a bunch of crochet on the couch.  I really enjoyed it.  F put on a movie and then promptly fell asleep on it, so I kind of enjoyed myself.

Although F suggested walking to our dining restaurant, I said no.  If they were closed, it’s a pain to find somewhere else to go without walking for miles.

We ended up at Sashimi-ya again and had an okay meal.  We each had a donburi and then shared a salad and an order of stew.  After dinner, we went to the grocery store and unloaded some of our recyclables and bought a few groceries.  I’m not really planning to cook that much tomorrow.  I’m still having flashbacks from Monday night, so don’t want to set myself up for defeat. 

We went out for a walk after we put things away tonight.  F was doing his passive aggressive thing about not knowing which way to go and I was getting annoyed.  He also started at top speed again, and I pointed out the fact that we had just eaten a big meal, and I need to warm up.  So he walked behind me and zigzagged.  It was most annoying.  After that, I started to go faster.  And faster.  And didn’t talk to him.  Yes, I was probably being passive aggressive too.  Finally I’d had enough and wanted to start back home again. He did at least ask if something was wrong.  There wasn’t really, but I wasn’t really enjoying myself.  I walk with him to actually walk WITH him…not 15 feet behind or in front.  When he doesn’t talk to me I really wonder why I bother.

We talked about going to the convenience store.  I didn’t want to, and countered with a visit to McDonalds.  He still wanted to go to the convenience store, but I told him I didn’t want to go in.  I really didn’t want to buy anything, and I could keep moving if I stayed outside.  We ended up going to McDonalds.  We each had an iced drink and a chocolate dipped cone.  It was quite nice.  We left a few minutes later.

When we got back to the parking lot, we spent a bit of time star-gazing.  We did see a few meteors so that was really cool.  We might be able to go out later tomorrow night, but F has to work tomorrow so couldn’t tonight.

I did more crochet tonight and watched a bit of TV.  I was going to watch the Castle repeat tonight, but was nice enough to let F watch Olympics instead.  (I am VERY, VERY nice!)

So that basically was my day.  I’m very long-winded, but it was much better than a lot of my days lately.  Tomorrow I am hoping to go out and have a tea or something out of the apartment and do a little reading, and maybe some laundry.  We’ll see!  I’m just not sure what I’ll get up to.  Come back later and find out.  Until tomorrow….

Oh, and if you are paying attention, today is a year to the day that F was bitten by that cat.  Shudder....


Rosa said...

Wow! I remember the whole cat bite fiasco. It's amazing that it's been a year since you were writing about that.

I envy you your chocolate dipped cones. The McDonald's here have them, of course, but their soft serve is terrible. It tastes like milky chemicals. I used to love the Dairy Queen cherry dipped cones back in the day!

Helen said...

Wow! None of the Dairy Queens that I have ever been to have had cherry dipped cones...I wonder if that is a US thing?!

I don't mind the McDonalds ice cream fact I've found most of the Japanese soft ice cream to be much better than North America's I think they aren't as concerned with things being low fat so they taste good!

Yes, it was a year ago..hard to believe isn't it?! I haven't felt the same about cats since then.

Thank you for visiting :-)