August 7, 2016

Sunday - Hot and sunny

An odd day!

I went to bed around 4 last night, and I was still much earlier than my hubby.  F came to bed around 6, but got up a little while later.  When I finally roused myself just before 12, F went to bed. 

The next 4 hours I spent alone in my living room.  It wasn’t too bad, I caught up on internet stuff, but I let him sleep so I didn’t make a lot of noise.

F got up around 4 and I suggested that he go and check on his mother.  The temperature outside today was 36℃ but it felt like 39℃.  Yikes.  She doesn’t like to use the air conditioner and since she’s rather elderly, I’m always afraid that something will happen to her in the heat.  Anyway, she was fine.

When F came back I suggested going for an early dinner/late lunch to Pisolino, the Italian buffet restaurant.  F grudgingly agreed.  We went over, much later than I wanted because someone spilled Diet Coke all over the coffee table and had to clean it up.  Sigh.  

We went to Pisolino and after a long wait were able to go in and have a meal.  It was good, but the restaurant was poorly stocked in things like cups, glasses and tea.  We did enjoy the pasta and the pizza we had was quite nice.  Both of us ate too much however and F was vowing never to go there again at the end!

We bought a few groceries and then came home.  Tomorrow I’m going to just do a meal salad.  I really don’t want to cook and since we ate so much tonight, we don’t need to!

At home, F put on the Olympics and watched them for hours.  I was bored out of my mind at them.  I don’t like Olympics at the best of times, and in Japanese not at all.  

So that was my day.  It was quiet and boring and I’m glad that F is at work tomorrow because I won’t have to watch the Olympics when he is away.  

Come back later and find out if I have any kind of excitement!  Until tomorrow….

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