July 31, 2016

Sunday - Hot and humid

An aggravating kind of day.

I woke up late this morning, but because it was Sunday I didn’t care.  I was actually up earlier than F was.  We went to bed around the same time this morning and I got up first.  I was hoping for a few minutes of piece around the apartment, but alas, it was not to be.  

He got up and wanted to go and have lunch right away.  I didn’t really.  He wanted Unagi since yesterday was the “Unagi Day”.  I was okay with that, I like Unagi, just don’t get excited about it.  We got dressed and went off to the restaurant that he likes.  Unfortunately, their parking was full, so we ended up going to Hykkenbori instead.  I was much happier there, and had teriyaki chicken.  F had Hiyashi-chukka. He complained non-stop about it, so nothing new there.  

We went to the Chido Museum today to see an exhibition of Koji Ikuta’s work.  If you like cats and owls you’d probably like his stuff.  I liked some of it, but found myself quite underwhelmed. He doesn’t really seem to have a dedicated website that I could find, but this one might give you a glance at his work. (Link may not work over time, but does at the moment.)

We did a little shopping after the museum.  We went to Shimamura, a sort of cheaper clothing store to see if they had a waist bag for F for our upcoming trip.  They didn’t have one he liked.  I tried on some clothes and even though they fit me, I didn’t buy anything.  I felt like F was rushing me, even though he wasn’t really and I didn’t want to buy anything today.  Besides, I have so many clothes I really need to get rid of a few first. 

We drove over to another part of the city and went to two more stores.  Success!  F found a waist bag that he liked and bought it.  In the adjoining store, I found a couple of birthday cards for my stockpile and a small present for a friend.  

We had a drink at MosBurgers, we both had iced cafe au lait.  It was nice, not earth shattering.  After that, F wanted to come home and watch a video.  I thought it sounded okay.  I really had wanted to do something more fun, but it was less money and I couldn’t argue with that.

We went home, and I suggested watching the last of the Hunger Games films.  I made some popcorn, got us drinks, even put on the film.  Part of the way through the movie, F got up and grabbed the empty popcorn bowl and started to wash it.  Well, it was nice of him and all, but he was making too much noise and I couldn’t hear the movie.  I asked him to stop and the next thing was he had gone into the bedroom and closed the door.  Huh?  I asked him if he wanted me to stop the movie and he said that it wasn’t interesting.  I let him be.  

A few minutes later, he left to see to his mother.  He hadn’t been over there all day so it was a good thing.  I stayed home, finished the movie, washed the dishes and put away my popcorn maker.  The movie was okay.  I liked it, but I had read the books, F hadn’t and he didn’t like it I guess.  

When F came back I had a couple of ideas for him for dinner.  I suggested walking to one of the two local places that have unagi on their menu, but he didn’t want to have it there.  Apparently the only place that can cook it properly in the whole city is the place we tried to go this morning.  Snort.  

We ended up walking to Gusto and having dinner there.  I had chicken again, and F had noodles again.  He didn’t like them very much as usual.  

We walked home and detoured through the grocery store.  We got a few things for dinner for tomorrow and the next night and finished our walk home.  It’s been fairly quiet tonight.  I watched a spot of TV and then F watched a bit.  

Not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow.  I should do some laundry and I have to create something for dinner tomorrow night.  Wish me luck with that!  Come back in a bit and check out my next day.  Until tomorrow….

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