September 11, 2016

Sunday - Cloudy and cooler

A good day.

I got up this morning after my usual Sunday morning sleep in.  I did feel a little bit sorry for F because he had such an early morning today, but It is Sunday, and I had to do it!

I did get busy when I got up, I made the bed, which I usually don’t do on Sunday, and I did some laundry too, also, not usually done on Sunday!  I had breakfast and coffee for a change and just enjoyed myself for a change.  I caught up with some of my computer things and also the TV on the DVR.  Yay.

I had a lovely lunch of English muffins and tomatoes, and then scanned my postcards from last night.  I ran them off to the post office and enjoyed getting out of the apartment for a little while.

I came home and started to get ready for dinner.  I actually used a cookbook tonight and found a recipe, and another from Cookpad.  I did quite a bit of prep and got things so they were ready to go when F came home.  He texted me a bit and finally called me to say he’d be home soon.  

F was exhausted when he arrived home.  He ate his lunch bento and I asked if he still wanted dinner.  He did, so I quickly cooked and then served dinner.  It was really nice.  We had a quick omelette with shrimp and peas from Steamy Kitchen, and a zucchini salad from  We also had tofu and salad.  There was dessert too, but F didn’t eat very much.  It was just fresh fruit, nashi pear.  

F crawled into bed as soon as he finished eating and I haven’t seen much of him since.  I hope he doesn’t wake up now as he’s had to be up and our around this time for the last two days.  It is now 4 am and I need to get some sleep!

I’m not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow.  I don’t know if we’ll be able to discuss what on earth happened last week or if it is better to just let it slide.  Come back in a while and find out about my day.  Until tomorrow….

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