September 13, 2016

Tuesday - Cloudy and cooler

A good day.

I got up this morning and watched The X-Files and had my breakfast.  I had some tea as well.  I had made overnight oatmeal last night, so it was a nice and no-stress way to start the day.

I made the bed and even got dressed during Burn Notice.  F was around the whole morning.  He hadn’t gone to his mother’s this morning as he said he was planning to do. 

We had lunch at a new place that F found out about recently.  It used to be a bento shop, but now it is a teeny little restaurant.  It is one of those places with good food but too many tables.  We were up against a wall at the back counter.  I had chicken which I hoped was just fried, but was actually deep fried, and F had steak donburi. Mine was good, but his looked much better!  The music was great for me, all 80’s music!  I enjoyed that part of the visit.

We went to Tokai after lunch and I picked up a new sunhat, partly for the trip, and partly for putting away until next spring.  It feels slightly Audrey Hepburnish! Next up, we went to the car dealership as F wants to have some work done on the car.  They were having a half holiday or something today, so there weren’t many staff around.  

We had coffee or tea at Doutors and then went to the 100 yen shop.  I got a couple of binders that I am planning to use for my Gotochi cards.  F got a few things too.  

We came home and after a little while I got so sleepy that I went into the bedroom and took a nap.  F thought I was hinting at something (I wasn’t) so followed me into the bedroom.  The fact that I fell asleep convinced him that he should fall asleep too, which he did.  I woke up a couple of hours later and got up, it took him a bit longer.

When F was awake, we decided to go to the new fish restaurant and went by car.  We were given a private room to eat in, which was nice, but it was next door to a really noisy group, which wasn’t.  We did have quite a nice meal though.  I had a negitoro-ikura donburi and F had negitoro and maguro.  We shared a cheese senbei which was cool and we weren’t sure what it was exactly!

We picked up a few groceries after dinner.  I think I’ll cook tomorrow night. It’ll just be something simple like pasta, but nice enough.  F might take us out for dinner on Thursday or Friday, I’m not sure.

We came home, and vegged a bit.  I watched Criminal Minds which was a bit odd as two of the guest stars are from other shows that I watch, and I had seen it before, probably when I was in Canada last year.  I sat on the couch and did some crochet on my lovely poncho.  Still having fun with it!

When midnight came around I gave F his anniversary present…a dvd of Creed, the latest in the Rocky/Stallone movies.  He seemed quite pleased, and sad that he hadn’t got me anything.  I told him how annoyed I was with him that he had watched half of the movie at the Internet Cafe earlier this month….he’d also asked that we go there today so he could watch the rest of the it!  My going to sleep ended that.  

Tomorrow I’m having lunch with my friend from the next city and then I’ll be cooking dinner as I said.  I just hope that tomorrow will be a good day.  Come back later and find out!  Until tomorrow….


Rosa said...

Happy anniversary! Next year you'll have to take some cash out of F's wallet and buy yourself something nice. ;)

Helen said...

I'm not sure about that! I might make him take me shopping this weekend. He was talking about taking us out for a posh dinner in the next couple of days...that would be nice.