September 21, 2016

Wednesday - Sunny and warmer

A good day.

I got up on time this morning, and watched The X-Files.  I had my lovely overnight oats and really enjoyed them too along with some tea.  I tried to have a relaxing morning, but F popped home once to pick something up.  

I finally got dressed and then made the bed, I got out of the way so that F could use the kitchen.  I watched a bit of TV and enjoyed it too. I got caught up on a lot of my weekend telly and finally got around to packing my suitcase.  I’m not finished yet, but I did put things in and thought about the outfits that I plan to make and wear.  I am taking a few extra shirts and things in case I spill or have some kind of accident happen.  

F came home around 6:30 and I cooked dinner then too.  It was quite simple tonight, just lemon pepper chicken, tofu, cucumber sticks and salad.  F had rice with his too.  I didn’t go to a huge effort which I’m glad about. 

F did the dishes and then proceeded to have a couple of beers too.  He was in bed by 10:10 I think!  I went to the couch and had a couple of hours of crochet fun while I watched a couple of programmes.  

After my shows, I did up the garbage for F to take out in the morning.  If he doesn’t take it out, it’ll all have to stay in our apartment until we get back, which I really don’t want!  Actually, I think he’d take it over to his mother’s for HER to put it out, but that’s not right.  

I’ll most likely be back tomorrow night.  Thursday is a national holiday here and I have no idea what we’re going to get up to.  It’ll be one of F’s last chances to pack for the trip, so I don’t know if we’ll be gallivanting around the city or not.  I hope to go and have a drink out at least! 

Come back later and find out all about our day.  Until tomorrow….

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