October 19, 2016

Wednesday - Warm and Sunny

A great day!

I got up in time to watch The X-Files and have some tea and breakfast.  Today’s X-File was quite funny, Mulder and Scully helped advise a movie about their work, but of course the movie got lots of things wrong.  It also had a brief cameo of Téa Leoni as the movie-Scully.  

After my show, I made the bed and then took a shower.  I got dressed after the shower and waited for my friend.  She arrived nearly on time and I went out to meet her.  

I gave her some goodies from Korea and Niigata and then we talked about going for lunch.  We decided to go to First Point so drove off down the road.  On Ginza-dori we parked and went to the restaurant.  Today I tried to have their carbonara, but they were out, so I had the shrimp pasta in cream sauce again.  That was nice.  My friend had the chestnut and mushroom pasta that I had on the weekend.  We were both quite pleased with our dishes.  We had a lot of conversations and good food, so we enjoyed ourselves.  We took a short walk down the street after lunch and then decided to have a quick drink at Cafe Studio Cinq.  We had more chat and a quick discussion about what to do with our online group that we moderate.  Then, it was time to go.  She dropped me off at home and went back to her city.

I tried to go back in the apartment but F had come home and automatically barred the door.  I unlocked it, but couldn’t get in. I had to ring the doorbell to get him to let me in!  I wasn’t upset, I know he just does it without thinking.  

We had a good reunion and discussed what to do with our afternoon.  It was fairly quiet for a while. 

In the evening, we went for dinner to Sashimiya, which was good.  We both had tuna and negi-toro donburi, but F had his larger.  We tacked on an order of motsu and onion and cheese rings.  (The onion rings were okay, the cheese rings not worth the calories.)

We went to the Internet Cafe for the next 3 hours.  We were both lucky enough to get massaging chairs.  I watched a couple of episodes on YouTube of L.A. Frock Stars and read a little, knitted a little and drank coffee a little.  

We bought some groceries at the store afterwards and then came home.  I watched Grey’s Anatomy and did up the garbage for F to take out tomorrow.  

That’s about it really.  It was so lovely to see my friend, she’s glowing these days.  It was also nice to see my hubby at home and enjoy having him around.  He’s been having a rough time at work and  it was good for him to relax.  

Tomorrow I’ll get back to preparing for my weekend trip, and I might even pop out for a little while in the afternoon if I have the chance.  Come back later and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

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