October 21, 2016

Friday - Warm and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning and watched The X-Files…same old, same old.  I had a nice morning actually.  I did a couple of loads of laundry, nothing exciting, mostly towels.

In the afternoon I watched some of the TV off the DVR and deleted it afterwards, then had lunch and scanned my cards too.  I was thinking about going to the bank tonight, but didn’t.  

I rode my mother in law’s bike to the post office.  I wanted to take mine, but the front tire was flat.  I must have a puncture since I blew it up a couple of weeks ago and haven’t ridden it since.  At the post office I dropped off my mail, made a small deposit into my account and then came home again.

At home, I began working on dinner.  I started by doing the day’s dishes and then cut up some vegetables and basically prepared things so that we could just make our pizzas and enjoy ourselves.  

F was a bit late tonight. I didn’t know that he had gone to Yamagata City, so I felt sorry for him.  He was also quite tired.

We had “make your own pizza” for dinner.  We had bought bases from the store, some caramelized onions, chicken, leftover taco meat, grated cheddar, zucchini, olives, fried potatoes, mushrooms and sliced tomatoes.  We made all sorts of combos, and then baked them in the toaster oven.  They were delish! It’s a fun way to make a meal.  It is a bit of work, but if things are are leftovers then it isn’t too bad.  

F did the dishes and I did a few getting ready for my trip things.  Tomorrow I will be catching a bus for Sendai and on Sunday I’ll attend the ETJ Expo representing my women’s group, AFWJ.  I’m looking forward to it as it’ll give me a chance to meet up with some friends I hardly ever get to see.  

So, that’s it for me.  Don’t miss me too much, and come on back in a few days to hear all about my trip.  Until….?

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